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    Remapping that emulates paging?

    So from what I've read before this was planned for implementation but just hadn't been implemented yet. However the text on the main Flexbar2 wiki page no longer implies it's intended to be implemented "While FlexBar does not have pages as the default action bar does, the buttons can remap according to your stance/shapeshift/shadowform/stealth." and if this is true, why not? Infinibar (now outdated and slowly causing more and more taint with every patch) had remapping that emulated paging, and if I remember correctly (and correct me if I'm wrong) the original author of Infinibar based it loosely off of your Flexbar2 code? It had an infinite number of buttons/bars you could group (not based off of action IDs).

    I'm an old-school Flexbar user/modder. However the paging thing for classes that do not have any built in stances/forms is kind of a necessity I think.

    I suppose if it's not going to get implemented I might have to pick up Infinibar and update it in the current Author's absence. :|
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