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    posted a message on ArkInventory v2.00
    Version: r80380
    1 Open bank window
    2 Edit Mode
    3 Create some bars, and name them
    4 Delete one bar (not the last one)
    5 You will see the name not match the bar.
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    posted a message on Cartographer_Waypoints - Official Thread

    I'm using version 20400 and I found a bug.

    After an arrow shown, the left time text contains a "%d" which should not be displayed.
    My OS: English Vista
    My Region: China Mainland
    My WoW: Taiwan Version (zhTW)

    I found the %d between number and unit text in every unit. e.g. "12 %d 秒", "5 %d 分鐘".
    I read the source code and have no idea about the reason. But I found a way to pass the bug. Just add these line after line 88 in LibAbacus-3.0.lua (r79915):

    	DAYS_ABBR_P1 = "天"
    	HOURS_ABBR_P1 = "小時"
    	MINUTES_ABBR_P1 = "分"
    	SECONDS_ABBR_P1 = "秒"
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    posted a message on Click2Cast
    I just make a clean install of WoW and using Click2Cast 79620.
    No UI. No function.

    OK. I find it...
    it's a long time since I last play this game. UI position changed..
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    posted a message on Need some change for group view
    That's surely a COOL addon. Thanks.
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    posted a message on Need some change for group view
    Hi all.
    I used some specified addon before but I cannot find that ToT.
    Function 1: Replace HP from Left/Total To Lost for each player in a group view. For example, player displayed 150/200 should be placed with -50.
    Function 2: Show all buffs below or beside each player bar in a group view without mouse hovering (always displayed).

    Is anyone know the addon? Please told me.
    PS. It's should be worked well with 2.3 of coz.

    Thanks all.
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