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    Hi all,

    Sorry if the answers are already out there, but I've not been able to find what I'm looking for after an evening searching...

    I'm having difficulty finding any user documentation for FuBar & Bartender3. For example, the best I could find for Bartender3 was http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Bartender3 which is rather light in terms of "as a new user of these add-ons how do I xyz?" This sight has a lot of developer documentation, but I'm really looking for basic user info.

    The specific info I'm looking for is how I'm supposed to use profiles. Tonight I loaded FuBar & Bartender3 for the first time, spent a bunch of time with all the preferences, setup my buttons, etc. for my Main. Seeing the "profiles" I thought, "great, I can take these changes over to my other toons and make the needed changes" (hot keys for my rogue will be different from my hunter & from my warrior...).

    Unfortunately, while I would expect a "save current as profile xyz" I did not find any such option. "Choosing" another profile & copying another profile both jacked up my config.

    Perhaps I'm just being dense, but I'd like to know how this is supposed to work. How do I go about setting up a basic config, and then pull that into my toons and modify as needed? I would really like to use the class-based profiles (since I have a rogue on a PVP & a rogue on a PVE server, and since I have different friends on each server I want to keep them both actvie).

    I would prefer that the default would be a base setup that I could then layer on top the changes for the specific toons. But if I must, I will configure each toon from scratch, so long as I understand how to save the changes without them all being scattered if I touch the wrong button.

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