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    What happened to BigWigs performing a warning on 4+ stacks of Biting Cold? Now it only displays a message even when I went in and chose the option to emphasize?
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    I just tried this mod and I am trying to figure out what is going on with the warning.

    It's sort of random and I can't find out how to reproduce it but here is what's happening...

    I am solo attacking Dr. Boom in Netherstorm and I put 5 scorches up. I stop attacking and I get the warning sound and text to redo scorch at xx seconds. I go ahead and redo scorch and wait for the next warning time. However, the time passes without redoing the warning to redo scorch. The odd part about this is that sometimes it works and others it doesn't. The notice that scorch has expired always seems to work.

    Any ideas to what's causing this?
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    Would it be possible to add a timer to when Lurker re-emerges? On the usEn Raid forums, there is a sticky from Blizzard stating this timer is about 60 seconds. This could help with making sure the raid knows how much time they have to kill the adds and get into position before Lurker's next surface and spout attack.

    This timer would actually be destroyed if lurker emerges early due to killing all the adds.
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