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    First of all I want to let you know that I have been using Examiner since very start. I find this addon very useful in many ways, and I enjoy using it. I got "Inspect target" on bind and that is one of my favorite options.

    However I got few ideas how to improve this addon, if creator have time to do it. I will offer help with it.

    Some of ideas that would help this addon are:

    1. remove "Cached players" - I don`t think anyone is using it, and it takes too much memory (I`m not even sure it works now).
    2. Stats tab is pretty inaccurate, so it should get either removed or fixed.
    3. PvP tab should be fixes - Maybe to show total kills on character, RBG and Arenas rating/won games like in blizzard UI.
    4. Talents are fine, but we are missing glyphs.
    5. Gear tab is great! I use this much, specially to check if I got all my enchants/gems, however it does not show if you are missing belt buckle.
    6. We are all missing average ilvl equipped on character, that should be done ASAP.
    7. I suggest removing Feats part also, since I think that UI is just too small to compare achievements nicely, however, maybe someone IS using it.

    Many thanks for this addon, its one of few that I mush-have even when I`m not playing on my own PC.
    I really love how it shows ilvl of items that are equipped, that it shows coulor for legendary/epic/care/etc., its much cleaner than Blizzard UI inspect and many more great stuff that I`m using it for.

    If you want any more ideas, or if you want to discuss anything related to this addon, that can help you fix it a bit, im available, just contact me on my skype (sergijus_hajduk) and let me know you need help.

    I know you didn`t have access to WoW account, im even willing to make you new trial account so you can get look of it, in case you dont have your own.

    I hope you will read this soon,
    Sergijus the Insane.

    EDIT: P.S. I would like to hear what other users think of this!
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