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    could you list pets in their class column instead of pet column, because they share greater blessing with the class. But separate them somehow from players.



    Maybe color them or add icon to distinguish owner/type.

    As it is now, I have to assign say greater might to hunter pet and then remember not to left-click.
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    great addon, we would be screwed without it, thanks. But that doesn't mean it can't be better :]

    1) Allow paladins without raid assist to see other's small blessings. For starters just show other's paladins individual settings disabled.

    2) Allow small blessings to be set same as other's paladins greater ones. That seem as dumb idea but check out this situation:

    Two holy paladins and one retribution paladin blessing scheme for paladins:
    H1 greater improved wisdom
    H2 greater kings
    R greater salvation

    Now R wants improved might for himself so he sets small might to himself, but he doesn't want to lose salvation, so he asks H1 for small salvation. But there's catch, greater salvation is already assigned so it can't be set as small blessing to anyone. ( It could be solved by R greater might, R to H1,2 small salvation and H1 to R small salvation. But finding this solution can take time which is not available. And god knows what other similar situations can happen. )

    It would be ideal to filter blesses actualy set to person in question instead of filtering greater ones of the class.

    3) It would realy help to show individual blesses in the table. Does it take too much space? Well then show individual blesses of selected class.
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