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    posted a message on Minimap question.
    Thanks, updated. Does this work like FiseEase where you rightclick the water and itll cast? I can't figure out what the bindings are.
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    posted a message on Minimap question.
    TY!! The list of non-ace addons continues to disappear!!
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    posted a message on Quest tracker/frame mod
    My favorite of all those is UberQuest. But I'm gonna check out this other one Rowne, it looks cool.
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    posted a message on Minimap question.
    The font is called Antique Olive. I steal all the good looking fonts from that addon called Fontabulous []. It's one of the better looking one's I could find. That, and the other one Frutiger, are the most clear/clean imo.

    My UI list as of today:


    What I really want is an Ace'd HitsMode. I can't wait for someone to make something from AUF that I can use too. But as you can see, everything I use is mostly Ace addons. :)
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    posted a message on Minimap question.
    Yes. It's a good thing I don't use any discord mods! (yuck!) I'm at 12mb right now. Pretty happy with what I've got going. Though just recently I've changed my setup to where what I was asking before woulnd't be needed. Still an interesting idea to me though.
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    posted a message on RAIDCOM
    You have my vote. Since I changed classes, and I no longer need to watch peoples health, and I no longer use click casting to heal. So having something that'll use the same channel so it atleast seems like I have CTRA running would be hot.
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    posted a message on Textbox fadeing.
    Anyone know how I can stop the chatbox text from fading when its inactive? I find it very anoying.
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    posted a message on Minimap question.

    I've been using that, but I figured, forget that map texture all together, who needs it?! Does your modified version offer what I seek?
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    posted a message on Minimap question.
    I was wondering, what would the minimap be like if everything was removed? I play a hunter (rerolled again), and I thought it might be cool if all I had was a black circle with dots on it (tracking). Would it be possible to hide the map texture and just show all the dots for people/mobs/quest guys, etc?

    I'm curious cos I wanna find out if it's a stupid idea or not. :P
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    posted a message on AutoBar?
    Quote from "pintocat" »
    Something I always wanted autobar to do, was to hide the combat usable healing stuff out of combat. I've accidentally wasted potions and potion-timers when Food or water could have been used.

    I totally agree with this.
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    posted a message on AutoBar?
    It would be sweet if this worked hand in hand with cardbars.
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    posted a message on Check this out!
    I messed with that on my alt. It's a very cool idea. I too want vertical bars, cos that's what I used to use when I played AO. :)
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    posted a message on UI post.
    Yeah? The only reason I use Flexbar is cos I have a script for my totems. If someone could help me figure out how I convert this for Visor:

    group button=50-73 anchor=55
    horizontalgroup group=55 height=6
    hide group=55
    show button=[55 61 67 73]
    advanced button=[55 61 67 73] state='on'
    remap button=55 base=54
    remap button=61 base=60
    remap button=67 base=66
    remap button=73 base=72
    show button=50-54 on='RightButtonClick' target=55 toggle='true'
    show button=56-60 on='RightButtonClick' target=61 toggle='true'
    show button=62-66 on='RightButtonClick' target=67 toggle='true'
    show button=68-72 on='RightButtonClick' target=73 toggle='true'
    hide button=50-54 on='RightButtonClick' target=50-54
    hide button=56-60 on='RightButtonClick' target=56-60
    hide button=62-66 on='RightButtonClick' target=62-66
    hide button=68-72 on='RightButtonClick' target=68-72
    hide button=50-54 on='LeftButtonClick' target=50-54
    hide button=56-60 on='LeftButtonClick' target=56-60
    hide button=62-66 on='LeftButtonClick' target=62-66
    hide button=68-72 on='LeftButtonClick' target=68-72
    remap button=55 base=50 on='RightButtonClick' target=50
    remap button=55 base=51 on='RightButtonClick' target=51
    remap button=55 base=52 on='RightButtonClick' target=52
    remap button=55 base=53 on='RightButtonClick' target=53
    remap button=55 base=54 on='RightButtonClick' target=54
    remap button=61 base=56 on='RightButtonClick' target=56
    remap button=61 base=57 on='RightButtonClick' target=57
    remap button=61 base=58 on='RightButtonClick' target=58
    remap button=61 base=59 on='RightButtonClick' target=59
    remap button=61 base=60 on='RightButtonClick' target=60
    remap button=67 base=62 on='RightButtonClick' target=62
    remap button=67 base=63 on='RightButtonClick' target=63
    remap button=67 base=64 on='RightButtonClick' target=64
    remap button=67 base=65 on='RightButtonClick' target=65
    remap button=67 base=66 on='RightButtonClick' target=66
    remap button=73 base=68 on='RightButtonClick' target=68
    remap button=73 base=69 on='RightButtonClick' target=69
    remap button=73 base=70 on='RightButtonClick' target=70
    remap button=73 base=71 on='RightButtonClick' target=71
    remap button=73 base=72 on='RightButtonClick' target=72
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    posted a message on UI post.
    Gonna repost what I just posted on my guild forums.


    This is the list of shit I have running.

    !StopTheSpam - Remove all the startup spam from your chat window when you load the game
    Ace - THE SHIT.
    AceLoot - Ace'd version of QuickLoot.
    AF_Tooltip - Best tooltip mod, still.
    QuickInspect - Ace'd version of GoodInspect. Also has an additional bind for a character breakdown sheet.
    ChatScroll - Ace'd -- Let's you use the mouse wheel for the chat box.
    CleanChat - Removes the [guild] and [raid], etc crap. Can also set colored names for different people.
    CT_RaidAssist - I hope you know what this is.
    DiscordArt - Put leet textures all over your UI.
    DiscordLibrary - Dependency to ^
    eCastingBar - Casting bar replacement. The default one is too ugly. Also adds seconds next to it.
    FishEase - If you fish without this, you're an idiot.
    FlexBar - Still the best button/bar mod.
    FonTabulous - FONTS!!
    GoldenRun -Ace'd -- Dude. This thing makes it so that when you double tap foward, you auto run! You can disable it for combat. I love this one.
    MapScroll - Ace'd -- Scroll the map with your mousewheel, you can also hide all the clutter around the Minimap.
    MyBags - Ace'd -- Best bag replacement out there.
    MyBindings - Ace'd -- Set custom bindings for all your characters based on class, it also replaces the bindings page, it's so much better with this.
    ScrollingCombatText - No need to say anything.
    WatchDog - If you are a healer, and don't have this, you suck. Click casting baby! Also works with CTRA.
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    posted a message on 1.8 is Live
    Man I wasn't ready for this at all. Damn! Atleast I can say they are getting better with streamlining their updates.
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