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    posted a message on pitbull and framerate
    Hello there,

    I always been running a more standard UI that looks like this:

    I then wanted to try something new and choose pitbull. This is the result:

    My old UI gave me a solid 60fps
    Trying the new UI I had 12fps on trash and 5fps on Leotharas.

    I have a pretty decent computer
    2048MB RAM
    7400RPM SATA disc
    7800GTX gfx
    amd 4400+ dual core processor

    another friend also tried it and got 2fps when we started doing the trash in hyjal...

    But on the other hand a guildie uses it with a worse computer then mine and with solid 40-60fps.

    My questions is basicly if there is something in the unit frames that sucks framerate?
    I tried deactivating the pictures but fps only went up about 5fps
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