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    Speaking as a priest, and I believe I have most of the healer community behind me when saying this ... Do not make addons that automatically beg for heals or thank for them or in any other way commend or disprove a healers efforts while in action. This is not helpful it is rather the opposite as it might impair the healers concentration / focus on the task at hand.

    We much rather want to get commendations when we really pull through rather then when we throw a simple heal at someone that really wasn't much effort. But after a hard fight, the healers generally know that they did a great job and that is when the commendations should come, and it should be personal.

    I once was in a raidgroup with a warrior who always had to whisp me "Thank you." whenever I had to resurrect him, it was sweet at first but after a while it just became corny. Same goes with thank yous. I have had many a "thank you" through my two years as a priest, but only a few are remembered, those are the ones that come when you really think you deserve them, and those are the ones that are personal.
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    I have been using AGUF for a very long time now ... and I must say that I love it, I actually don't think I could go back to play with only the normal frames again.

    Until TBC release I was using sRaidFrames when raiding, but now I feel that the frames and their layout is not "good enough" anymore, and I found most of the features that appealed to me with sRaidFrames with the built in raidframes in AGUF...but there is one thing missing!

    I am using TinyTip with the tooltip anchored at my cursor, needless to say the tip cause problems for me now when I am hovering raidframes as the tooltip overshadow the frames and I fail to see their health updates properly ... would it be possible to make an option to hide the tooltip when hovering the raid frames while in combat? Like the way sRaidFrames has? :) If so it would be great!


    EDIT: Ooooo ... and another thing ... Raid Pet frames ... how to get those? ... if any?
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    I must admit I have not read all the information stated here in this thread, but I just want to say that I agree with this being a silly emote.

    As a priest I actually get offended when someone does an emote like that ... the healers of my former raidgroup actually refused to go on until one of the members in the raid removed an addon that did just that.

    I can understand that people feel the need to shout for heals and that they think the healer has "forgotten" about them. I can only speak for myself when I say this, but I assure you that my eyes are fixed on those healthbars all the time when there is action.

    Why do you not get the heal you are screaming for? Well ... _I_ am the one deciding who gets healed when and how they get it. A emote like that will _never_ change that fact, and a emote like that will only help to annoy me and possibly also the others in the raid/group with the continuous spam whenever your health hit that threshold. Who gets what of heals cooks down to a number of factors, but most importantly your role in the current events...if you are expendable that is too bad ... but that is just the way things are, deal with it and move on.

    And to be perfectly honest ... the only thing the /healme emote show me about you, is that you deem yourself more important than anyone else!
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    Mine :)

    Priest Version

    Mage Version

    Rogue Version

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    Hi again,

    1. Thanks for the reply, there is actually a ACE2 mod that supports this option, but it doesnt go with the style of the rest of my addons. It is called CC_Target and supports spell forwarding.


    As stated in this addons information :

    Forward Spells

    If enabled then spells that can't be applied on your (hostile) main target are forwardet to the 2nd target. Useful for example in Dual Target Mode or when showing Target's Target.

    Now, I am no mod developer but I know what I like, the function is great, the looks of the mod not so much. So if this functionality could be integrated into ag_UF as an option it would be awesome. Gonna check out the FriendlyCast tip tho, thanks :)

    2. Great news, I rank ag_UF in my top 5 favorite mods, and having improvements like this made to it is really great. As a healing unit I have to have my head where the action is (raidframes :P ) and I have missed having a fixed frame to follow the progress on the kill.

    3. Superb :D

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    Hi there,

    I have been using AGUF for a while now and I must say I enjoy it alot. But as a priest there is a few things I would like to see in this addon if possible.

    1. Could there be an option for forwarding of spells? Like for instance, while I have the mob targeted, could my Flash Heal be directed onto the Target's Target? At present I do this by assisting my spell from the mob but that is quite the hassle.

    2. Could we get an option to fix a new target of our choice? Like having a second frame that allows us to track the progress of the bosskill while still having our normal target free? :)

    3. Also, a option to hide the tooltip over the unitframes when in combat would be very welcome, like sRaidFrames has.
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