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    However, yesterday I attempted to take advantage of this feature and it works just great until I log out/reload ui in which case the location text above the minimap doesn't show up. I can right click the map (for the menu) and when I get to the Show/Hide option the location text appears right where it should and the option is still checked.

    As of a few days ago when i updated, the same update which caused the full screen issue when i did *not* change any simpleminimap setting, only right-clicked on the minimap 'map'. After figuring out it was SMM and not Cartographer, I was able to reset my SMM settings and the full-screen problem went away.

    After this issue and update, I also noticed the Location and its Border/Background will persist every login/reloadui, even though it is unchecked in the GUI menu prior to reload/relog. I must *check it in options (no change) then uncheck it each and every session.
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