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    As everyone knows, today was patch day for release of WoW 2.4.2. Upon load, I recieved two errors with Elkano's Buff Bars:

    ...ce\Addons\ElkBuffBars\libs\Abacus-2.0\Abacus-2.0.lua:21: bad argument #1 to 'sub' (string expected, got nil)

    After clicking "Okay," the second error repeated over 30 times, it might be infinite; Don't know how this works:

    Interface\Addons\ElkBuffBars\ElkBuffBars.lua:312: attempt to index upvalue 'EBB_Bar' (a nil value)

    Aside from the error messages, all of the ElkBuffBars bars had disappeared, and I did have buff effects on at the time. through the commands /ebb options and /ebb about I was able to get to the about frame and to the options menu, which appeared to be (what's the word, attached to?) the frame of my fourth bar group, the highest number group I have. I hope any of this helps.

    By the way, I am a feral druid and I use ElkBuffBars not merely to organize types of buffs into readable groups, but to do important tasks like timing mangles, and keeping watch of my own Heal over Time spells. Your addon is integral to my experience; countless horde have died thanks to the precision timing granted by your mod... Thank you.
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