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    Quick thanks for a fantastic mod. Keep up the good work!
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    Quote from Andryk »

    I think I figured it out. I don't know LUA much, but I am a programmer by trade...

    It appears to be a problem with the fact that when the initial f:SetPoint is called, it is explicitly called with a fixed reference point - "LEFTTOP" I think...

    ...but when GetPoint is called, the reference point might be something else, like "CENTER", "RIGHTBOTTOM", etc.

    Sooo....I changed some code in Chronometer:CreateAnchor to:

    	if self.db.profile.barposition.x and self.db.profile.barposition.y and self.db.profile.barposition.anchor then
    		f:SetPoint(self.db.profile.barposition.anchor, UIParent, self.db.profile.barposition.anchor, self.db.profile.barposition.x, 
    		f:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER", 0, 50)
    	f:SetScript("OnDragStart", function() this:StartMoving() end )
    			local p, t, v, x, y = this:GetPoint()
    			this.owner.db.profile.barposition.x = math.floor(x)
    			this.owner.db.profile.barposition.y = math.floor(y)
    			this.owner.db.profile.barposition.anchor = v

    Basically saving and reusing the anchor point.

    Being new to LUA, there might be a better way - but this seems to work for me.

    Great news, I will try this when I get home!
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    Just a quick thanks for an awesome mod!
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    posted a message on chronometer keeps resetting its position
    I have been messing with this for some time. I am using vista, so I dont know if my experience will be the same as yours

    First the config file for Chronometer is in \<Wow Directory>\WTF\<Account Name>

    The File name is Chronometer.lua

    What I found odd (and this may be a vista thing) is that I cannot see the file. I have nothing hidden, I am showing all system files, and yet every single configuration lua file in this directory is invisible. I can even create another file with the same file name here, and I dont get a conflict. If I do a search for Chronometer.lua, I can see it, and it is in that directory, but i have no other means of changing this file.

    Contents are

    ChronometerDB = {
    ["profiles"] = {
    ["Default"] = {
    ["barscale"] = 1.5,
    ["barheight"] = 10.85913181304932,
    ["bartex"] = "Healbot",
    ["barwidth"] = 169.7916120290756,
    ["barcolor"] = "maroon",
    ["barposition"] = {
    ["y"] = 178,
    ["x"] = 5,
    ["textcolor"] = "white",

    ["barcolor"] = "maroon",
    ["barwidth"] = 169.7919845581055,
    ["currentProfile"] = {
    ["Socc - Malygos"] = "Working?",

    If you manually edit the 178(you numbers may vary) to something like -55 it will at least show up on the screen. but the second you move it and log out, it will be lost again.

    I tend to place mine just above my cast bar, perhaps the positioning is a problem. Oh well I hope someone figures it out soon :(

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    posted a message on chronometer keeps resetting its position
    I am seeing this as well, the worst part of it is, it appears to set itself offscreen, so I cannot even use the addon at all :(

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