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    posted a message on Problems with fubar when combat starts.
    Quote from Phanx »

    Have you tried disabling "Auto adjust frames" ?

    Yep. Tried with and without "Auto Adjust Frames" and seemed to work the same. Didn't notice much if any differences... Unless it takes a re-log to be in effect...

    I'm going to try using Aperture to reduce the viewport and see if that helps...
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    posted a message on Problems with fubar when combat starts.
    Same problem here: haven't tried that thickness fix, and am using FuBar 2 updated with AceUpdater, and have this same problem as well. Kind of annoying some times, because for some stuff, I go and click buttons instead of using the keys and it gets a bit in the way... I've disabled the bars from popping up during combat, which helps a bit, but still is annoying when out of combat and it still hasn't adjusted... And I haven't found yet a way to make the menus pop up delayed, e.g., only after 1/2 second of hovering or something. That would also help a bit...
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    Quote from Seerah »

    HA! I'm the same poster who gave you points 1-4 *and* helped you. I'm all for helping people, but I'm also a teacher and people need to be edumacated.

    Missed that part and this comment before! :)
    Well, then thank you for the nice side of you and no comments on the other one! :)

    Quote from Seerah »

    LightHeaded has been updated several times since 2.2, and TomTom still works fine so it wasn't. The author of both, Cladhaire, is an awesome coder and not going anywhere. Stop making assumptions about mods and what *might* break and what *might* happen with a mod author and just use what works.

    Again, I think many ppl, you included, got the wrong impression! I'm not wanting THE best addon, I'm just trying to save some time on those updates! I already explained that on other comments...

    Quote from Seerah »

    Update if it breaks.

    Although some weren't "broken", if they have not been updated I can't be sure, can I? That's what caused my search for alternatives. If the author revises the code, even if the change is just a simple TOC change, then I can be more confident it will work and not break when I'm mid game. Not that any of this is life-saving stuff, but I play WoW to have some fun and relax a bit and having it break mid-game has the opposite effect on me, particularly since my game time is limited. Of course, I could go and read the scripting forum and see what scripting changes were made and try to "guess" what add-ons will probably break, but, as I said before, my goal here is just to spend less time on getting back to playing. Playing without mods is definitely NOT an option as there is so much nice stuff missing from the default UI that it's almost unplayable once you get used to a couple mods!
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    Quote from Wonderfool »

    If the main point for you to switch to Ace2-based addons is easier updating with WAU, you should consider using WUU instead.

    See http://wuu.vagabonds.info/



    Yep, my main goal is spending less time doing WoW related tasks outside of my ever limited WoW time!
    Thanks for the links, will check it out.
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    Quote from OrionShock »

    if you consider yourself a BETA TESTER then that is really the only reason you should be updating religiously with WAU.

    As for the Addons them selves:

    I'm a bit of a beta tester! :)
    As for the suggestions, I'll give them a try, thanks!
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    Quote from tekkub »

    1) You are way too dependent on the updater.
    2) Seriously, get off the "OMG IT MUST BE ACE/WAU" kick. Good addons don't break unless the underlying API is given a breaking change, and Blue doesn't do that very often. Good addons do exist outside Ace (OMG!) and a lot of people round these parts get sick of threads like this one.

    3) And stop updating all your damn addons on patch day, people like you are the reason all the UI site overload on patch days.

    1) No, I'm not! I just like it simple! I can search for updates but why loose an hour updating addons or another one because I didn't update and logged in only to find something is indeed broken, when I could have saved myself that trouble/time by just pressing 1 button? It's like going a 100 km ride on foot if I can go by car. Sure, there may be some incentive or special reason that may force me to do it on foot, but I'd rather spend that time either with my family or playing a game!

    2) I'm not in that kick! I'm just trying to make it simple! Like I said, I'm not in for *THE ULTIMATE* addon! I just want some addons that improve on the (excessively) basic default UI and make my life simple! Why spend an hour in game sending/picking up mails to/from alts/AH when I can do it in seconds?

    3) Actually, if more people used those, things would be better! Not all add-ons will have been updated for patch day as most haven't been broken, so I'd be downloading only those that *have*, rather than manually going through them and checking (thus creating traffic) and updating all. Besides, except for situations where things changed from A to B, many of those changes can be available/updated before the actual patch day and will only require a simple "Use out of date add-ons" or something...
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    Quote from Funkydude »


    The obvious answer: to cut down on update time after each patch!

    Quote from Seerah »

    I really do need a macro to post this...

    1. It's Ace, not ACE - it's not an acronym
    2. Not all mods available through WAU are written on the Ace2 framework
    3. Ace =/= magical pixie dust that makes an addon better, and people shouldn't be getting all of their mods through WAU cause they're lazy
    4. A good mod = a good mod, a good coder = a good coder. Good coders write good mods. Shitty coders write shitty mods.

    1) I did say "Ace" at start, and couldn't actually care less if it's ACE, ACe, AcE, Ace, aCE, aCe, acE or ace...

    2) That I didn't know and could form the basis for a new question: how do I persuade someone to make them available through WAU? :)

    3) That I know, but I couldn't care less if I'm using *THE* best addon or simply some other addon that gets the job done and makes me spend less time finding an updated version or tampering with version numbers and/or dealing with errors from using an out of date version...

    4) Thus, instead of trying them all, I decided (apparently thinking this forum was something different), to ask for other people's suggestions.

    Quote from Farook »

    CooldownCount is already ace'd.

    That derives from the aCe/WAU confusion: since it doesn't show on WAU, I infered it wasn't AcEd...
    [EDIT: Apparently this one DOES show on WAU, must have been the one I started using to replace some other cooldown count or something or I'm just plain nuts!]

    Quote from Bobwich III »

    Since no one really answered his post...

    AspectedAgain - no idea
    BetterItemCount - no idea
    CooldownCount - already ace'd
    DoubleWide - keep it
    FriendsFacts - AuldLangSyne
    GFW_FeedOMatic - no idea
    GFW_HuntersHelper - no idea
    KHunterTimers - no idea
    Lightheaded - keep it
    QuestLogLevelPatch - no idea
    TomTom - keep it

    Thank you for a "decent" answer! I'll add AuldLangSyne to the WAU list and give it a spin!

    Quote from Starinnia »

    AspectedAgain - keep it
    BetterItemCount - no idea
    GFW_FeedOMatic - if it still works for you keep it, if it doesn't make a simple macro
    GFW_HuntersHelper - keep it
    KHunterTimers - keep it
    QuestLogLevelPatch - no idea

    FeedOMatic macro replacement:
    #showtooltip Feed Pet
    /cast Feed Pet
    /use <exact name of food>

    For example, my macro puts Smoked Talbuk Venison in after the /use.

    Thanks for the answer and macro: I used one prior to GFW_FeedOMatic and used a "simpler" approach: /use 3 1 (IIR!), which would use the 1st slot of third bag (counts from right: 2nd from left or 1st after quiver).

    Quote from Seerah »

    King of the Jungle (there are a few others on svn, too)

    Again, thank you for answering the real question. Looks like there are some "decent" users around that actually try and help rather than bash on Someone because of semanthics or whatever.

    Quote from Moon Witch »

    I use NQuestLog without TomTom or Lightheaded and still get some form of direction, though only for the original quest giver (or where to hand it in). What's doublewide about?

    I miss my wow fix, work sucks.

    DoubleWide is a wider quest log: quests on left, text on right.
    Lightheaded is an addon that adds another frame to many quest logs including DoubleWide with comments and coordinates taken from Wowhead.
    TomTom is a coordinate display which has some sort of "interface" that LightHeaded uses to place temporary markers on map *and* minimap, which get displayed as arrows when out of range.

    All 3 are WAY cool and make questing a lot easier, although, for instance, LightHeaded and TomTom were not updated for 2.2 last time I checked. They still run ok, but I fear that the switch to 2.3 will be much harder on addon makers, thus rendering this one unusable...

    Thanks all that helped, even though I now realize my REAL question should have been: looking for alternatives to the following mods that are available through WAU and usually updated at each major patch change! :)
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    posted a message on Suggestions for ACE alternative add-ons

    I've recently made the switch to Ace based add-ons and using WAU. I do have a few left that I haven't made the switch yet:

    - AspectedAgain
    - BetterItemCount
    - CooldownCount
    - DoubleWide
    - FriendsFacts
    - GFW_FeedOMatic
    - GFW_HuntersHelper
    - KHunterTimers
    - Lightheaded
    - QuestLogLevelPatch
    - TomTom (only used because Lightheaded uses it to display stuff on minimap; otherwise I use LocationFu)

    And that's all, IIRC.

    Anyone was using any of these and later replaced by an ACE alternative? Which one and what's your opinion of the new one versus the old one?

    Thanks all for any feedback,
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    posted a message on GarbageFu not showing prices...
    THANK YOU very much! My friend which recommended GarbageFu is still a bit away from Outlands and I was curious of why it worked fine for him and not for me but never thought of that one! :) Also, I've been busy on my druid and when not on druid was on hunter and both are in Outlands... :)

    This also means I can drop GarbageFu, right? Or do I have to keep it for non-Outland prices?
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    posted a message on GarbageFu not showing prices...

    Recently I started using some Ace addons and then I proceeded to use WAU.

    I've since replaced many of the addons I use with "ACE alternatives". One such alternative is GarbageFu. Looks nice and cool, but I can't get it to display any prices.

    This is the last test I made (on the PTR, but problem also happens on normal realm as well):

    - Clear Cache/WTF/Interface
    - Install only FuBar, GargageFu and GarbageFu_Prices
    - Set GarbageFu to use GarbageFu_Prices

    Still nothing shows for price: only a couple ??

    In this last test, I only had those 3 addons installed.

    Any suggestions?
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