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    posted a message on Skinner

    Thank you again for continuing to keep Skinner up to date. I love using Skinner and am very happy that you spend the time to continue to update it.
    :grin: :D
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    posted a message on Visor2 and frames positions not saving
    I moved from MobileFrames to use Visor2 and NDragIt. I also grabbed the Visor2GUI to aid in setup of the frames. I used the GUI to set new position for alot of frames. Frames like, character window, talent window, inspect, dressingroom, quest log, merchantframe, gossip frame... etc.

    The problem that I am having is that some frames are not being saved where I place them with Visor2. I will use the GUI to set the new location and hit done. Close the frame and reopen it. It works fine. Continue playing and it works perfect. However after a logout the frame goes back to the default location. If I open Visor2 it still show the new location I set it to. If I open the GUI and set one of the X or Y locations the GUI will fill in the other from Visor2 but it will start with the default location X and Y. I do use mods that modify some of the frames I am having trouble with, like the quest frame. However, frames like my talent frame I have nothing that modifies it and it continues to reset even though social and character frames are perfect.

    Frames that reset: AuctionHouse, AuctionHouse dressingroom, inspect, talents, questlog
    Frames that are fine: character, social, spellbook, dressingroom, gossip, merchant

    Addon List-
    !StopThe Spam
    Fubar : AmmoFu, BagFu, ClockFu, DurabilityFu, FuXPFu, GroupFu, HonorFu, LocationFu, MailFu, MicroMenuFu, MoneyFu, PerformanceFu, RecountFu, tcgTradeskills, TrackerFu, ItemRackFu
    OneBag, OneBank, OneRing, OneStorage, OneView
    Visor2, Visor2GUI

    Please let me know what other information you need.
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    posted a message on AG UnitFrames custom layouts
    Has the ability to add new elements been implemented yet?

    I want to create another health and mana text filed so i can have a justfied left and right number displayed.
    | 10000 / 15000 66% |

    Currently I have the health and mana set to justify left padded 5 from the edge of the bar and use spaces to give the blank area between the numbers. Problem is that the numbers move as the values change and on my warrior they all get compressed to the left because rage is 0/0 most the time. If I can set the current/max to justify left and then as a separate element set the percent% to justify right it would be ideal. Or even set them centered and adjust their position by changing the X/Y values.

    Also, could this allow me to set a border around the portrait and have it nest next to the rest of the frame?

    Still trying to duplicate this layout or make something very similar.

    Click for Full size

    Currently I am falling back to an old Discord layout I had and making an aUF layout in this style.

    Click for Full size
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    posted a message on moveFrames
    Replaced MobileFrames with your add-on and I have to say its perfect in how it works. It does lack one thing I used with MobileFrames that I would like for you to add to moveFrames. Please add the loot roll frames to me movable. This is the frame that comes up with the icon of an item and the need, greed, pass click spots with the countdown bar.

    I run a pretty good number of other add-ons and I have not had any conflicts with any either. Thats impressive. Great job.
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    posted a message on FlexBar2 Official thread
    I just wanted to poke my head in here to get some information from you guys.

    I was using FlexBar1 for AGES before 2.0, like most of us here. I did stance swapping on my warrior and rogue by making a group for each stance and then just show/hiding them depending on state. It was messy and unless I entered the events in a certain order FlexBar would lock the client for about 10 sec rashing on the commands. In some situations if I was mind controlled by an npc and had no stance on my warrior no bar would show up till I went into a stance (Nef tanking with no defensive stance bar from being pollied by a mage lol).

    Currently I have been using Bartender3 and have to say I really like it. Easy to configure and setup. The way Bartender3 does bar swapping is nice too since I can setup a bar for each of two stances, have them swap to a third and just have the third stance be the normal buttons on the bar. From what I can see in FlexBar2 I can do either of these methods.In Bartender3 I have been using the Zoomed button style and have grown very accustomed to it, so please include button skinning abilities. Would love if you could include some button skins at release but you know release alone is good too.

    I am one of those people who will favor using a GUI for setup and am also one of those people who would like to make things look pretty. The command line commands grew pretty nasty and I remember more than a few times having to enter a command string more than once due to misspellings or improper ordering.
    Looks like Flex will once again be my bar mod (no surprise) and I thank all the devs for their hard work. /salute /cheer
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    posted a message on Skinner
    I was playing around with adding some of the skins to the SkinMe directory and saw you have a MobileFrames skin file there. Dropped it into the the SkinMe directory and now Skinner skins the tradeskill windows and Auction House frame properly. Was also surprised to find so many additional skins there.

    Wish someone had said to look at the SkinMe option to make MobileFrames work.
    I feel dumb. :(

    Can I blame you Jncl? :P
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    posted a message on Skinner
    I found what add-on is conflicting with Skinner to not allow the tradeskill and auction house frames to not stay skinned after a reloadui or logout.


    That screenshot was when i relised what other add-on was conflicting...
    Mobile Frames

    Pretty good reason to finally find a replacement for Mobile Frames methinks.
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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    I have been looking for a Necrosis replacement since patch 2.0 and finally got around to trying mew warlock mods last night. I have to say out of all of the mods I tried I am most fond of Henge. I still have to work with it more to get everything setup how I want but certainly this add-on is very nice. I understand that the modules are all in development and I will look at StoneHenge posted here and will probably have to create my own version for what I want.
    Is the code for StoneHenge posted above by Telal functional?

    One thing that was driving me nuts was that there are no per character profiles. Everything is global in that if Henge is installed it is enabled for all characters and I was not able to find a setting to disable Henger per character. A guildie suggested using the add-ons menu at the character selection screen to set a per character loading profile. Adding the typical profile system that most Ace2 mods use would be very nice. A person would be able to setup a layout and copy it between characters and then modify it for that character.

    Keep working on this. This framework method has too much potential to let just slip away.
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    posted a message on Skinner
    Skinner stopped skinning my Profession windows some time ago. It has been a few weeks I belive. Didn't worry about it much figuring a new version of Skinner would be out and it would get fixed anyway. Well, I got the bug to fix it tonight. I have been updating mods a lot and find that not deleting the SavedVariables sometimes gives an add-on problems. So, I deleted the SavedVariables in all of my characters folders and the main one for the account for Skinner. Grabbed the newest version of Skinner and loaded into game. Profession windows like cooking, tailoring, jewelcrafting, etc still are not being skinned. I went ahead and removed Skinner, re-deleted all the SavedVariables everywhere, and loaded into game. Then I installed Skinner again assuming it would be totally clean as if Skinner was never installed and checked to see if the profession windows were being skinned. They still are not.

    I do run a large number of add-ons. None of the other add-ons directly change the profession windows but we all know there can still be conflicts.
    Is Skinner still able to skin the profession windows?
    Any other add-ons come to mind right away that may be conflicting with Skinner? Prat maybe?
    Are there any settings I missed or any helpfull information?

    Keep up the great work Jncl. "Keeping the ugly away one skin at a time."
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    posted a message on ag_UF Nerfed Layout
    Its official.
    Im an idiot.

    I was using a layout for Nerfed and forgot I had ripped Nerfed from a compilation.
    Paradigm UI unit frames are what I am trying to duplicate.
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    posted a message on ag_UF Nerfed Layout
    Thanks for the information. I will probably just screw around with some of the layouts people have made and see if I can tweak on one to my liking. I have been reading the Wiki for ag_UF today trying to get more information in some of the text fields but am more accustomed to a full blown GUI to edit the frames. So, I will take a poke at the files and see how badly I can mangle stuff.

    As for what Nerfed unit frames look like, here is a screenie of my UI that is a few days old now.

    Sorry if I come across wrong in that I want and expect more. I know the amount of time and effort it takes to make a great add-on. I kind of see it as a take it or leave it as is, don't wait for something to be added. If the add-on is perfect the way it is right now, use it. If not keep looking because you never want to ask more from the authors that are so under appreciated already.
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    posted a message on ag_UF Nerfed Layout
    Has someone made a Nerfed layout for ag_UF ?

    The search failed me but I did find the Layout pack. Unfortunately the Nerfed style layout is what I desire.
    Secondary question, is there another app I need to be able to edit more items in ag_UF? I used Discord previously and made a Nerfed style layout, switched to Nerfed for 2.0, and now am trying out ag_UF. Guess I am looking for the type of settings Discord and Nerfed have and I haven't found them yet. Example would be frame height, portrait position, and bars location in the frame.

    I am trying to modify an existing layout and am finding I cant really change much. Am I missing something?
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