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    Hey Now,

    Sorry for posting this but I tried searching for my answer but couldn't find it. Before I modified my UI I had bigwigs installed w/mini map button. I could turn on flashnshake from the I think extras or options. I've recently created an UI and am using Fubar. Now, when I go on the bigwigs fubar this option is not available and there is only an empty box when I click on extras. I did enable all mods for the Eye but still did not get flashnshake. I've updated using the wowupdater and manually downloaded Bigwigs. Any suggestions?


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    posted a message on Toggle Click2cast or Clique one button on/off?
    hey now,

    I'm loving clique but have one annoyance I can't figure out. The easiest way for me to heal using my paladin is to set the right mouse button for FOL and the shift right button for HL. However, this presents challenges when I have to right click an icon such as to displell a buff. follow sometone, inspect,etc.

    So I tried SHIFT LEFT mouse button for FL and SHIFT Right button for HL. However, I've found this clumsy in raid healing.

    What I'd really like is to do is the follow:

    -Set up a key to quicklytoggle either Click2cast or Clique on/off quickly. Don't want to fumble through the gui.
    -Set up left mouse button for FOL and Right mouse button for HL.

    Is this possible? I've tried remapping my keyboard but nothing seems to work and can't find this option in Clique.

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    Quote from Lyfe »

    CooldownCount will do what you're after.

    thx. wish it had a gui though. command line drives me crazy
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    I'm working on my first ui and it's going great.

    Problem I'm having is that the buttons and bars I created with bartender3/cyCircled don't have a timer countdown like the standard buttons. I've tried messing with the settings but the cooldown counter that I guess is standard is very hard for me to see.

    I've looked around the web and wowace.com but can't seem to find anything to either:

    1) show me how to put a numerical cooldown counter using the above mods
    2) another add on to add this feature..preferably a fubar one.

    Thanks a bunch for the help.

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