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    I agree with zidomo's statement. Cartographer quest info's manipulation of the quest log gives various graphical errors. I had to turn off every single one of my quest addons trying to find out what was causing my issue. basically the the quest text in my quest log was acting like the blizzard default questlog was being used so i have about 3 or 4 quests listed at the top and the rest of the log was completely black, 2nd pane had the full quest description. This is with every single quest addon turned off except this one and when i turned off Cartographer Quest Info the issue was fixed. i then turned back on all my other quest mods and everything was working fine, when i turned back on Cartographer Quest Info got the same error again. I really like Cartographer Quest Info but its not very useful when you can only click on the first 4 quests in your quest log :(
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