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    posted a message on SkillsPlusFu error
    Quote from Vytae »

    well is short the new revision did not download libcrayon-3.0 as a dependency and that was the reason for the errors. All fixed and no worries as no other problems have crept up like this one downloading updates with WAU.. all dependencies are dl'ing fine.. hrmm I wonder why this one mod has/had a problem?

    I'm also having trouble with the dependencies not being downloaded by the WAU. I'm using version 66649.2. It's downloading Babble-Spell-2.2 and Crayon-2.0 instead of the newer LibBabble-Spell-3.0 and LibCrayon-3.0 which are needed by the addon. In my case I'm not seeing an error message on screen, but the addon was only showing its name on the FuBar without the tooltip displaying. I was able to fix it by manually copying in the two missing libs.

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    posted a message on Problems with fubar when combat starts.
    I finally corrected this problem. In my case, it was tied to an issue with LocationFu. Disabling LocationFu made the problem go away.

    But I like LocationFu and don't want to lose it. I dug deeper.

    It appears to me that the problem had something to do with the Jostle v2 library which LocationFu calls and the LibJostle v3 library which Fubar v3 uses. I think that LibJostle v3 was supposed to somehow override the older Jostle v2, but in my case I suspect that was not working as intended. LocationFu was the only addon I had that was using Jostle v2.

    I use the WowAceUpdater. I was able to corect it by reinstalling LocationFu WITHOUT externals and installing the libraries separately. And to make absolutely sure it was using the v3 library, I deleted the Jostle v2 folder after doing an update. (I still update my other addons WITH externals, since doing it without broke something else. It's a hassle and I know that's messy...but hey it worked for me.)

    To do this in WowAceUpdater, select from its menu: Edit > Preferences and check Automatic Dependency Download and uncheck Default Mode With Externals. I also checked Delete Before Updating. I wanted to make sure nothing old was hanging on.

    If you're not running LocationFu and/or this doesn't fix it for you, you might want to check to see if you have some other addon that's still using the older Jostle v2 library. It might be the culprit.
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    posted a message on Problems with fubar when combat starts.
    Quote from Chasim »

    Is the author still supporting Fu_Bar 2 (maybe not with a 3rd version being worked on...)?

    I don't know about that, but I thought I read somewhere that FuBar v3 was written to provide compatibility with FuBar v2 plugins.

    I'm having this problem while running FuBar v3.0. I'm currently using revision 52967.

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    posted a message on Problems with fubar when combat starts.
    I am also having this problem.

    I haven't been able to determine just what triggers it, but it does frequently happen during combat. The player and target frames are bumped up and become covered by my Fubar bars and then it corrects itself a couple of seconds after combat ends.
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Baggins is an excellent piece of work. I really like the features that it has. Thank you for all of your hard work.

    However, the way the bags handle focus/strata/z-level or whatever the correct terminology is, is not as I'd prefer. Let me explain: Baggins always sits on top of other dialogs (auction, mail, etc). I would prefer to be able to click on the auction frame and have it brought to the top. And then when I need to see the entire bag, I could click on the bag and have it placed on top of the auction frame. OneBag and ArkInventory handle this in the way I'm trying to describe and this is one of the reasons I'm looking for a replacement for Bagnon. I'd love to see this feature implemented somehow. If there is some config option I missed or if I can make a quick little edit to get this, could someone please clue me in?

    I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of those requesting a feature for swapping the real between bank and character or when I upgrade to new bags. I really like the way OneBag handles this.

    I'm really looking forward to a version 1 and the ability to view my alts bank and my own when not actually at the bank.

    Thanks again for developing Baggins.
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