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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Irrelevant to the previous bug report, I have a couple feature requests that would make UnderHood a better addon for me.

    • Manually chosen debuffs to enlarge. Enlarging my own debuffs is something I really love, but could be better if I could enlarge other peoples aswell (no need for timer on them). This because, as a tank, there are some debuffs that really should be up at all times and incase someones debuff drops, I'd like to know right away so I can apply my own.
    • Option to hide the outline bar all together, for my purposes I'd rather use a bigger power bar on a lower level behind the main one. Could be implemented as other choices of outline bars as well, just comes down to me not liking the current one much :)

    Hope you'll consider this, thank you.
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    posted a message on UnderHood Official Thread
    Been using UnderHood for a while now, and love it. For the last couple weeks my warrior has been getting an error though, which lead to debuffs not showing (and lots of errors accumulating in BugSack).

    The main error I get is:
    Spells.lua:630: Unknown Spell ID: 12331

    The spell ID in question is supposed to be Bloodrage according to Spells.lua, however 12331 is (now?) Bloodthirst.

    Changing 12331 to 12818 (2/2 improved Bloodrage according to wowapprentice) in Spells.lua makes it work again. Though plain Bloodrage (2688 again from there) does not work.

    I have recently been specced out of 2/2 imp Bloodrage and did not get the error.

    Hope you'll look into this, for now I'll be hacking the file manually :)

    Thank you for this great addon.
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