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    Hi, thanks for the mod - it's a lot of fun to look at figures like that.

    A quick note about your +1% hit calculation though.
    On the mouseover I have the following data for Shadow Bolt:
    Avg (x1): 1250
    Avg Total: 1499
    +1% Crit: +12.5
    +1% Hit: +12.5

    It seems to be calculating 1% crit's damage increase as 1% of the average non-crit value. This is correct. However, it seems to be doing the same thing for 1% hit. However, I think 1% hit's damage increase should be equal to 1% of the average total (making it 14.99).

    Also, have you thought of using crit/hit rating instead of % and perhaps showing the value of 1 crit/hit rating in terms of +dmg?

    Again, thanks for the great mod!
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    It would also be great if we could choose to position the castbar above or below the frame (instead of stuck only with the defaulted below).

    Being able to hide the background (unless a cast bar is actually being displayed) would be nice too.
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    Quote from spyros2n »

    i'll just ask for something people have asked in the past (dont flame me i'm innocent:P), Could you please make the fade times on the default display mode a bit faster ?:) or just give us the option to set it ? pleaaaase!


    Bumping to request this and the ability to see "focus only" events.
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    Is there anyway to have Antagonist show _everything_ that the normal Blizzard Enemy Castbar shows? For example, looking at the normal Blizzard bars, I can see my target casting Healing Touch, but Antagonist shows nothing.
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    Amazing job having this ready for the patch, I really do appreciate it :)

    I had a request regarding the MT windows, though.

    Previously if there were gaps in MTs, say there was an MT1, MT3, and MT4 (but no MT2) the bars would leave that gap there. Now, they do not! Is there anyway I could enable the old functionality? As the person who sets up and changes the MT list often the old system made it a lot easier to glance at the bars and see what MTs are set and what needs to be changed.

    The old bars also had the number of that MT to the left of the bar. An option to display those would be great too!

    Anyway, thanks again and keep up the development :)
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    Can't wait to be able to start using this! Thanks for the hard work :)

    Any idea when you'll be adding in the manual (shift+1-6) page switching?

    edit: also, you said you added a FuBar plugin... but is there a FuBar version for 2.0? I do not see it in the trunk.
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