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    posted a message on [BUG] aguf_Sheeper 'MikSBT' (a nil value)
    That error occures because there is a dependency which is used to display messaged about the sheep state maybe try my modified version in the forum which should work with SCT.

    Or try to install the add on which is needed.

    Maybe i get svn access soon then I will create a new add on called aUF_CC which will display a bar f?r cage, sheep aso...
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    posted a message on aguf_Sheeper Multilanguage Version
    Hello All,
    I don't have SVN Access so i post my changeings here:
    I was going to use aguf_Sheeper and it seems not to work
    with the german version of the game. So i decided to fix this
    issue. I also changed something about displaying the "Sheep broke"
    messages so that it uses SCT.
    All files i changed and created are attached to this post.
    So long Swayenvoy
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