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    Quote from fred »

    May I ask what the difference between Numen and Yata ? Is there /or will there be the same features? http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/5222/

    the main difference between Yata and Numen is the ability to change your main totems on the fly in combat. basically so you can have say 1-4 bound for the different types of totems and just use those 4 buttons to cast different totems. say in combat you find out a mob fears and you want to throw out tremor totem. rather than always clicking on the pop up buttons like you do in yata, once tremor totem gets moved to the main buttons, you can just hit "1" again to recast it. In Yata you have to set up "sets" before hand and stick with a grouping of 4 totems when you select that "set".

    with Yata, it also comes with totem timer bars, we do not have these included. if you're looking for some i'd recommend GotWood.

    the other feature we're planning on implementing is also different than Yata; the ability to see what totems other shamans in your group are going to cast (assuming they are also using Numen)

    definitely something we were planning on adding, if not LoD, then just load a small memory footprint and not make any buttons etc
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    tooltip toggling will be an option when we hash out the config more

    button padding wasn't on our list because of the timeout delay of moving off of the popups, but maybe we could cap it at 10-20 pixels and you'll have to be careful moving from button to button. (timeout delay is 0.5 seconds currently)

    totemic call will be added on shift-right click soon

    currently we're unaware of a "totem stomper" macro to use the buttons, but it's something we'll look into once we get the other features implemented
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    Numen Created by: Ktrigger, Syntherift, Sorata. Maintained by: Aviana
    Definition: divine power or spirit; a deity, esp. one presiding locally or believed to inhabit a particular object.

    Numen is a totem button addon that creates a row of up to 7 buttons. These buttons hold your current totem you wish to cast for each element, your current weapon buff, your shields as well as a button for totemic call. When you mouse over the button for each elemental type, a pop up of buttons will be displayed. Clicking on a pop up button will change your preferred totem. All of this works while in combat.

    Pop up clicking
    * Left click: cast the totem and place it in main bar
    * Right click: place totem in main bar
    * Shift-Left click: cast totem and leave main bar as it is
    * Alt-Left click: cast rank 1 of that totem (yet to be implemented)

    Current Features
    * Keybindings for each main button
    * Totem button changing in combat
    * Fubar Plugin (left click to lock/unlock)
    * DreamLayout type button display
    * Tooltips on buttons
    * Dynamic building of buttons
    * LoD functionality
    * Localization (spell localization in, options to come)
    * Cooldowns on buttons
    * Options for display (alpha, scale, pop up scale, padding, layout orientation)
    * Module for pulse indicators on certain totems
    * Module for totem timers
    * Announcement of manatide totem
    * CyCircled Support
    * Pop up and main button re-ordering through a menu

    Planned Features
    -- check the last few posts by Aviana for current plans --
    - Feel free to give suggestions, we will take them with a grain of salt and may or may not implement them


    Also available to download through WowAceUpdater (or similar programs)

    Ktrigger and Synthe have stopped development, !BUT! Aviana has taken up the reigns to continue our work.
    thanks for all your kind and constructive comments, we appreciated it.
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    I tried thirst's version but was getting acedebug errors =)
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    I've been having problems with the buttons just doing a normal click animation and not doing anything. I figured maybe it would be a problem with another addon, so I disabled them all and I would get an error. I enabled ace2 addon (was getting aceHook lib error) and i don't get an error anymore, but it still doesn't do anything when I click on an icon.

    Error message (just XAD enabled):
    Core.lua:11: AceAddon: AceOO-2.0: "AceHook-2.0" does not exist

    Revision: 11713
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    thanky =)
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    I've been using MultiAssist for a while now. It's still working great but I was wondering of anyone was up for the task of acing this baby and adding some oRA support for maintanks. Even if not aced, i can't figure out how to make it compatible with oRA's main tanks, and some help on that would be greatly appreciated.

    The author seems to have abandoned it, or not added any new features in 6 months. In my opinion this could be a very nice addition to be compatible with oRA.

    here's a link if you want to check it out:

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