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    Set the Border color opacity to 0
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    posted a message on The Button Tooltip
    first of all, excuse my bad english please.

    I'm looking for an Addon which will shorten the "Enhanced Tooltip" Settings.
    Right now you can choose between the normal Tooltip for your Actionbuttons:
    Flash Heal Rank 7

    or you take the "Enhanced Tooltips" Settings:
    Flash Heal Rank 7
    380 Mana 40 yard Range
    1.5 sec cast
    Heals a friendly target blaaaaaa....

    Is there any Addon to create an Button-Tooltip like:
    Flash Heal (7) 1,5s 380Mana ?

    The Mana-Cost is important, the Description Text.. who cares?

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    posted a message on Simple addon to show Global Cooldown
    Quote from Mikma »

    Quote from Din »

    (Ice Age... Global cooldown... get it?!)

    Haha! nice one :D

    Yeah this is... mhm "cool". ;)
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