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    Hey, I'm the author :) I guess I might as well make this the "official" Henge thread, since I'd been meaning to start one. I don't have screenshots yet, but it uses the same "sphere" graphics as Necrosis, and the button borders are "Serenity" style. Currently I'm having trouble getting the spell textures, but once it's ironed out the buttons will be drawn from the spell/item icons, with the serenity border overlayed (to see what I mean check out cyCircled+Bartender2). The entire addon is very modular and designed to allow for as much customization as possible, and with the massive work I've put into making it easy to write "plugins" for it, it's sort of looking like it may turn into "Necrosis-meets-FuBar" :) As it stands, I'm ironing out the structural work, once that's done I can try to get more of the customizing features finished, then make all the different class modules (currently I only have the Shaman module, TotemHenge). All in all, the current feature "wishlist" would be:
    • Configurable buttons (**)
    • Add new buttons (**)
    • Remove buttons
    • Buttons individually movable around the sphere, like minimap buttons (**)
    • Buttons detachable from sphere to move them anywhere (**)
    • Buttons attachable to minimap
    • Sphere text/graphic indicators fully configurable (**)
    • Burning Crusade compatibility
    • Full support for Dewdrop menus (**)
    • Icon menus (ala Necrosis spell menu)
    • Menus, spells and items bindable to any button, with any mousebutton/modifier key combo (such as "LeftButton", "Alt-LeftButton", etc.) (**)
    • A nice config interface to make all this craziness easy to do :)
    • Nice default setups on a per-class basis (!!)
    Out of all that, suprisingly a large portion of it is already implemented (I marked the ones that code is in place for already with a ** at the end). I marked the last item with !! because I have the basis for it in place, and it's already there for shamans in TotemHenge, but not for other classes yet. Also, some of the features may be a bit ambitious (read: very very difficult) to do with the WoW 2.0 API changes, but I'm fairly sure I can make it work. Also, if anyone wants to help out, I'd love to have people with more experience playing the various classes design what their "dream" layout would be for Henge, and what they'd like it to do. Code submissions are of course always welcome too :)
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    posted a message on Necrosis-like addon for multiple classes
    I'm actually beginning some work on this, still far from done, but just so people know this idea isn't dead.  It won't be *exactly* like Necrosis, but it'll be a lot cleaner, and with more options.  I'll be focusing on shamans, priests, and mages first, but I hope to support all classes.  (Unless I decide to be evil and not support Warlock... or wait... technically I suppose that would be non-evil.  Heh, no, I'll support them too.)
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