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    posted a message on How to handle names with non-standard characters?
    I use Shutup (latest version here: http://files.wowace.com/ShutUp/) and it works great. Except if the user has a non-standard character in their name (i.e. ? or ? or ?).

    What do I need to change in the code for it to handle names with these characters in them?
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    Came across a situation today where the person who /w me was AFK so I got the response that the person is AFK when ShutUp sent the AutoReply. To prevent those notifications from showing, I modified line #35 of ShutUp.lua to this:

    if type(ShutUpReply) == "string" and (text:find(ShutUpReply) or text == ShutUpReply or text:find("Away From Keyboard") or text:find("Do not Disturb")) then
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