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    Quote from Xed »

    skinner always tells me that function onebank is not available when i open onebank. Although i turned off showing errors.

    Well, same here :
    "Skinner: function [ OneBank ] not found in Skinner"

    Running frFR client, and everything worked fine until early July (updating all addons on a daily basis).
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    posted a message on Chatter- Ace3 chat mod (was Chatterbox)
    For some reason I am unable to rename the "Raid Warning" channel so that I have, for example, "/!\ [Raidleaderguy] : text" and not "[Raid Warning] [Raidleaderguy] : text".
    I'm on the frFR client.

    Also, I would looove an option to remove that " : " between each people's name and what they have to say ^^;
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    posted a message on Incubator - Trash respawn timers
    Hello folks,

    If I get this error :
    [2008/07/17 19:50:02-456-x2]: Incubator-2.00\Core.lua:836: attempt to index field 'anchor' (a nil value)
    Incubator-2.00\Core.lua:657: in function `func'
    Dewdrop-2.0-56529 (DewdropLib):721: in function <...erface\AddOns\DewdropLib\Dewdrop-2.0\Dewdrop-2.0.lua:660>

    is the problem related to Incubator or DewdropLib ?
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