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    I'm running version 3.0.0h r198. As an FYI, the Energy Ticker/FSR Indicator is no longer functioning correctly. I have a druid, and although bear form gets some sort of rage thing and the energy ticker is working fine in cat form, there is no longer a 5sr indicator in caster/moonkin etc. This is true on my other casters too (hunter, warlock). I love this feature - if you can get it restored that would be awesome.

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    I'm hoping someone can clear this up since the config window isn't very clear. Recount insists on popping up and tracking my damage when I'm soloing. I don't care how much damage I'm doing when I'm farming soul shards or whatever - I only want recount up and collecting data when I'm in a group or raid.

    The data tab in the config window indicates I can disable tracking data when I'm ungrouped - there is an entire row devoted to it. Whether or not there are checkmarks there, recount pops up and my damage is reported. The only way I can for sure prevent it is if I disable "outside instances". Keeping that disabled means nothing is tracked if I am grouped but outside of an instance, which isn't what I want either.

    Is the "ungrouped" filter not functioning correctly or am I missing something here?
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    This may have been asked in as many replies as this thread has, but without a thread-specific search function I couldn't tell.

    Is there, has there been, or will there ever be some sort of latency display in bartender3? Using this addon kills the default one. Bongos has a very solid one, but bongos as a whole is buggy and outdated. FuBar has one, but it's not what I'm looking for (die, minimap buttons!). Hell all I really want is a simple visual color-coded display like the default display uses. Any suggestions?
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