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    Can you list the settings you tried to search for?
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    It was missing one of the bags in the scan. It should be fixed. The latest update should also improve search times by eliminating items that can't possibly win.
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    There are a lot of different sources for different class scales. The lootrank link looks as good as any, and you could just enter those values straight into smartfitter. For example, the destruction warlock scale:

    • Spell Crit: Value: 20
    • Spell Hit: Value: 15
    • Spell Damage: Value: 25
    • Shadow Damage: Value: 22
    • Spell Haste: Value: 15

    This might be an acceptable scale for someone gearing up from greens (although I would put hit over anything else). With these values, you can compare items vs what you have and decide if the item might be an upgrade for you by looking at the values in the tooltips.

    Now lets say you've got a decent set of gear but for some fight you need to stack fire resist. Take the above scale and add this:

    • Fire Resist: Target1: 150

    Then do a search, including the FR items you have available. It will put together an outfit that has 150 FR (or as close as it can get) while still preserverving as much as possible of the stats you consider important, so that you can maximize dps, threat, etc. If you add the badge FR items to your eval list, smartfitter can help you decide which to get first, for best effect. Raise or lower the target value until you're happy.

    For me, since I have gear that can generally keep me at or near the hit cap, I take use spell hit as a target rather than a value. The search function will always give me an outfit with the level of hit I specify, and still maximize the good stuff. And if I feel like raiding as demonology, I make sure the outfit includes two pieces of T5 for the set bonus. I add a stat, change "Value" to "Set", and then select my T5 set and specify 2 pieces.

    It's the Target and Set values that really make the search function useful for me. Here is the priority:

    • "Set" is an absolute requirement: if it can't give you as many set pieces as you ask for, it will fail to produce an outfit.
    • Once "Set" is satisfied, it tries to meet whatever you have for "Target1". If you don't have gear to meet Target1, it will come as close as it can.
    • Target2 comes after Target1: it will stack as much of Target2 as it can without sacrificing any of Target1.
    • Last comes any stat values.

    So take these values: "My T5":Set:2, Fire Resist:Target1:200, Spell Hit:Target2:200, Spell Damage:Value:1, Stamina:Value:1. You should get an outfit with 2 T5, Probably more FR than hit (because FR never has hit) and it will fill in after that with as much stam and damage as it can stack without sacrificing FR or hit.

    The last bit is you should still look at the search results and override if necessary. SmartFitter can't rate procs effectively, so things like Darkmoon cards are not going to come up in a search result.

    For scales, look for dps spreadsheets, pawn strings, bear points, AEP, etc. Anything that gives stats relative values, so that you can say 1 agility == 0.8 strength or similar.

    Import/export is coming, the ability to apply enchants to eval items is coming, and I think I found a way to drastically reduce search times.
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    SmartFitter is an addon that allows you to rate gear based on stat scores, but also will do in-depth searches to find the best outfit based on those scores.

    Current features:
    • Enter relative scores for stats along the lines of AEP or Pawn.
    • Enter target values for up to two different stats.
    • Enter set requirements to preserve different levels of gear set bonuses.
    • Shows tooltip values for items based on both the items current actual value or its 'raw' value.
    • Lets you compile lists of gear you are interested in owning.
    • Exhaustively searches different combinations of your gear or your gear + your eval list to find the best possible complete outfit.
    • Equips items based on your last gear search.
    • Automatically calculates values for red, yellow and blue sockets based on the available gems of any quality that you specify.
    • Tells you which gems are the best for each color.
    • Tells you whether you should match gems to socket colors or ignore the socket colors.
    • Understands hit cap and stops valueing hit after it reaches the limit.
    • Supports importing Pawn strings.

    Here's an example profile: (no kibitzing on my relative values please, that's not the point here)

    Malefic Raiment:Set:2, Corruptor Raiment:Set:2, Spell Hit:Target1:202, Spell Damage:Value:1, Shadow Damage:Value:0.9, Fire Damage:Value:0.1, Spell Haste:Value:0.72, Spell Crit:Value:0.69

    Another example to find a good set for a warlock tanking Leotheras:

    Corruptor Raiment:Set:2, Shadow Resist:Target1:260, Spell Hit:Target2:100, Stamina:2, Spell Damage:1, Shadow Damage:0.9, Fire Damage:0.4

    Example tooltip string: Leo Tanking: 112 (130) Best Gems

    The first value is the item's actual current score based on your stats. Enchants and socketed gems are included and empty sockets are ignored. The second number is the item's raw value. This is the value with enchants removed and sockets are calculated based on the value of the best possible gem you could put there. If it says "Best Gems" you get a better score from the item if you ignore socket colors and just socket the best gems. "Socket Bonus" means to match gems to socket colors.

    What it doesn't do:
    • This is not a replacement for outfitter or closetgnome. Once you find a gear configuration you should save it in your favorite gear manager.
    • Come up with the relative stat values. You need to do that based on your favorite web site or spreadsheet.
    • It doesn't support derived stats like regeneration or avoidance (yet).

    • Allow you to specify enchants to use in gear searches.
    • Allow search to compile a set of gems for your outfit based on metagem requirements.
    • Define and import/export format.

    Bugs in this thread for now.
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