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    Hey CK,

    I'm getting the crash now. Wasn't before. It is only occurring when I enter Arena. I have it set to show 5 man raids as party. If you need any more info on the settings, let me know.

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    Feature Requests:

    I've been going in and manually editing for this, and can continue to if you choose not to include it, but I thought other people might appreciate it too.

    For the tracker. If you could make it show the background, it would make it easier to read. Could be something you can turn on or off in the menu. I usually turn on a border as well, just to make it match my UI. Also, the text is incredibly small on my monitor (I use 1900x1220 at .62 UI scale). If you could make it scalable, that would be much appreciated.

    Thanks much. You're autotracker features make this my favorite quest log addon I've ever used.
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    ---Cross posted from the Blizz UI forums---

    I am wondering if I might have to write this one myself. I love the look and usefulness of these add ons, and I think druids would be very well served by a similar add on. I was wondering if one was out there in the wild somewhere that I had not yet looked. If not, the here are the features I think would be most useful.

    Center sphere:
    cooldown on innervate/rebirth
    other stuff

    Maybe there could be an orbital thing around the sphere that was an energy buildup timer for cat form

    The buttons
    Quick shift (most used form or back to caster)
    Buffs (MoTW and thorns)
    Food and/or drink
    other stuff....

    And I really like the auto restock reagents thing from cryolysis and serenity. One that automatically restocked the seed related to your highest rez and if you need berries for GoTW.

    You know... Those are great add ons, and I'd love to see something similar for druids. :)

    Hell, all the classes should have something like this.
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    I love Prat. It is one of the only add ons I can convince my very anti-addon room mate to use. I do have one feature request that I have never seen implemented.

    Would it be possible to have the oldest line of chat be the lowest, and newest at the top. I know this is the opposite of the way the Blizz chats work, but it would work much better in my overall UI layout. Possibly have to hook the new line and tell it to come in above the last line instead... I'm not sure how the chat window works, so I'll leave it to the experts. :)

    Any chance?

    Once again, love the mod... Keep up the good work
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