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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    Started using your frames today. Love em.

    I did notice, however, you have this listed as a feature:

    Shows when PVE critical abilites are used, such as Last Stand, Shield Wall, Innervate.. etc

    I can't find any way to get this information to display. Does this only work with oRA? I'm still using ctraid under the hood.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    I started using your mod and really like it. The frames look nice and clean, and are fairly light weight. Thankyou for the effort you've put into it :).

    I think there are some areas where it could use some usability improvements. Some of the out of the box configuration options were a bit disappointing.

    It's a fairly standard thing for people to want to see: health%, currenthealth/maxhealth, mana%, current mana/maxmana all at the same time. Unfortunately, there was no support for this out of the box. In fact, I couldn't even get mobhealth3 plugged in info for currenthealth/maxhealth out of the box and had to resort to hacking around in the lua to put something together. Additionally, from an end-user point of view, the health options were sort of confusing. Absolute health, smart health, etc were all terms I'd not heard before, so it was a bit of trial and error to get them working right. If it were a bit more descriptive in its function, it might be good (ie: Mobhealth3 - percent% - current) instead of whateverhealth. The mod could be improved if health/mana percent had their own seperate designated fields, and if currenthealth/maxhealth from mobhealth3 were a standard option.

    The next gripe I had with it was an inability to define font sizes independently of the unit frame scaling. This meant that to get the font size I wanted, I had to end up hacking around in the lua... this wasn't really ideal, for me.

    Finally, as a feature request for the raid frames, would it be possible for the unitFrames to display some of the things ctraid displays? One of the things that keeps me pinned to that mod is that, as a raid leader, I want to know what the status of soulstones, rebirth, etc are. So when I mouseover a druid in ctraid, I can see what the status of their rebirth is etc. I really like the look of agUnitFrames, and want to switch to them for raiding, but can't because the functionality isn't there.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thanks for developing such an 'ace' mod. ;)
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    posted a message on suggestion to improve ace'd GUI mods
    In the process of switching all my stuff to ace. Thanks to all the developers for making such excellent mods, my framerate on raids has really improved. That said, while I was setting everything up I've noticed something that was fairly frustrating/annoying for me.

    All the GUI mod developers have an option for frame size. That's a win, thumbs up there. However, there's no independent settings for font size, on any UI mods I tried. None of them. That's a loss =/. Coming from highly configurable (but poor performance) mods like DUF, this has been pretty painful. Hell, even ctmod offers this sort of flexibility in their basic unitframe modifications. What's frustrating is that at the frame-sizes I find desirable, the font is always too small. So I have to cop large frames to gain readable fonts.

    I think it would be a win for end-users if all the mods carried out-of-the-box settings for font-size, independent of the frame-scale settings.
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