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    Bug with Devastate threat?
    Threat-1.0 r49422
    Warrior r44618

    I actually came across this while doing research on devastate to model how much threat I can do in a spreadsheet. In the Warrior.lua file, it looks like you're adding 35 innate threat per application of sunder armor.
    function Warrior:Devastate(rank)
    	local threat = self:GetLinearThreatGuess("devastate", rank)
    	for buffName, _, applications in Aura:DebuffIter("target") do
    		if buffName == BS["Sunder Armor"] then
    			threat = threat * applications

    Wowwiki (http://www.wowwiki.com/Devastate) has it correct in that it's a flat 101 threat added to a Devastate attack and that it is damage, not threat, that scales with sunders. There is still some conflicting information out there about the way devastate works, so I did some testing that ended up confirming Wowwiki's explanation. It also turned out that Devastate scales with AP divided by 2 which has been shown by other, more rigorous, research. This could explain some of the inconsistencies in the various ways people have tried to calculate Devastate's total threat.

    The total threat scaling of Devastate can be described with the following equation:
    So basically, it's Mitigation*Damage+101.

    That said, I think your threat library is wonderful and thank you for putting the time in to do this. It has certainly improved my WoW raiding experience a great deal.
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