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    posted a message on Stopwatch/Timer skin/mod
    I have absolutely zero idea how difficult this would be, or if its even possible to hook into the blizzard timer this way easily (or even if it'd just be easier to do it from scratch).

    I'm looking for the same functionality; either count up to infinity or count down from a set point.

    Key differences though would be the ability to resize it, specify font & font color, be borderless and have a transparent background (just plain text), and (ideally) pull from shared resources -- specifically fonts (though just being able to edit the source for that would be fine, too). As a fluff aside if it could do hundredths of a second that'd be boss as well.

    Command line config would be fine, just an anchor toggle to move it around...

    The goal is to just be able to create a very large (if desired) stopwatch/counter. Just plain text. I just prefer to time abilities by knowing fight duration, and as I have a gigantic amount of free real estate with which to fill with a hugely ostentatious timer, something like this would be ideal. Among other many mostly-pointless-but-peripherally-interesting-uses! The built-in one 'works', but it's oh so very small and not nearly loud enough. :(

    If anybody has ever played Cabal, then the instance stopwatch timer in that is sort of what I'm getting at here. Although I know of no digital LED font for WoW for the full effect.

    I am presently looking into what I'd have to do to make it myself, but as I've done zero scripting other than minor edits to existing stuff, it's very unlikely.

    With selfish thanks,
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    posted a message on Skillet - the lilsparky branch
    Quote from lilsparky »

    just to be clear, are you using the lilsparky version of skillet (ie, did you get it from this thread)?

    Yeah, sure am, didn't catch the reagent stuff, I'll look again (my bad!)

    And, thanks!
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    posted a message on Skillet - the lilsparky branch
    Briefly: amazing work. This addon has made life so much more convenient, especially on my engineer. No specific bugs identified yet, will come knocking if I run into any.

    Two feature requests, both potentially long-shots:

    Is it possible to add an option to allow the breakdown of ingredients for the shopping list to break all the way down to ore instead of simply bars? I've been keeping more and more of my metal as ore lately, just due to prospecting convenience...

    Secondly, is it possible to get the shopping list to remember items picked up/sent out? Often I'm grabbing things from multiple mules, and the list resets the second I mail them out of one characters inventory. I know bankitems tracks mailed items, perhaps its possible to link into that?

    Just some thoughts!

    Thanks again for all the work, even without the above, I foresee this seeing a lot of use.
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