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    I hate you... lol it works. Tyvm
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    1: Windows XP 2005 SP2(I know, no SP3) AddOns*

    2: No automatic updater

    3: Using Swatter for my error messages, I believe it came with auctioneer.

    4: *

    So yea, my actaul problem is whenever I try using the command /clist or /craftlist2 or /cl2 I get the "Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands" I have already redownloaded 3 times, disabled and enabled 3 times, loaded it while in game 3 times and still can't do anything, when I do /ace2 list search craft or /ace2 list all it pulls it up as CraftList2 - 2.0.

    I have tried running just it with no other mods enabled and still get the same message. If I could get any help pls let me know here or in game Tyrm (Darkspear- US) - 70 Tauren Shaman.

    First error:
    AddOns\CraftList2\CraftList2.lua line 6:
    Cannot find a library instance of Abacus-2.0.

    Second error:
    AddOns\CraftList2\Libs\Abacus-2.0\Abacus-2.0.lua line 21:
    bad argument #1 to 'sub' (string expected, got nil)

    * - Attached File.
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