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    Thanks for the feedback!

    > * It would be helpful to be able to choose the display order of the totems/elements.

    This will come indeed. It's always been on my private todo list from the start. Right now, the order it uses is the internal one defined by Blizzard's new totem api.

    > * An option to display the totem icons in two rows/columns (2*2, boxed). This would fit in perfectly when placing the totem icons on left/right side of the player frame.

    Hmm, yea, that could indeed be made a nice fit on the sides. I'll add that.

    > * Horizontal/vertical spacing from the player frame.

    The whole docking/alignment is still a bit of a hack behind the scenes. I'll see if I can steal some of ckk's valuable time and get a few pitbul api functions added. If not I'll manually add some spacing workaround.

    > * CyCircled support.

    Gonna check what's involved in that, not a cycircled user myself (yet?).
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    Quote from sempi »

    You could just turn off the "On Boss Kill" otion, then you won't get asked for attendance. If you are backup there isn't any need for you to take attendance is there, since people aren't sending you tells anyway.

    Turning off that option (and the "on loot" one also) pretty much equals to turning off all attendance taking, does it not?

    Of course I've asked our main dkp guy before posting the request here. He's even more annoyed by it than I am, so being the backup attendance taker isn't really relevant here. Also we don't use the announce/whisper functions for reserve tracking.

    Anyways, I've talked with Rabbit and wrote a patch afterwards giving a new option to suppress the popup box and still take attendance on the defined circumstances. Just needs some more testing before I submit it.
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    Updated download.

    Mainly cosmetic fixes, removal of old code that just wasted memory.

    Anyone got a chance to try it out yet? Feedback appreciated.
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    posted a message on NRT (Nihilum Raid Tracker by Rabbit) Questions
    Requesting an option to automatically acknowledge all popup boxes, effectively hiding them.

    I'm surprised there isn't such an otpion already. When running passively NRT as a backup attendance taker (without announcements) it's pretty annyoing to click away all the dialogs on every boss kill.

    Or is there a reason why a popup box is necessary? (Need the hardware event?)
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    Uploaded a new snapshot.

    - Revamped timing again to be even more accurate.
    - Added option to change the text-timer scaling/size.
    - Added option to suppress OmniCC on the spiral timer. (will need a not-yet-released omnicc version)
    - Code cleanup, still more to go tho.

    Please test it and let me know how you liked it or if there was a problem.
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    Quote from ckknight »

    Hey all, I added a "Blips" module, that uses Nandini's texture by default.

    Cool. But I'd like to request that the Blips module either defaults to Blizzard Icons or is renamed/described better in the options.

    Reason: Having werid new icons in the minimap there all of the sudden was quite surprising. After some guesswork that this change might be Chin-related I didn't find anything "Minimap Icons"-related in its options at first. The term "Blips" didn't mean anything to me up until today. I'm guessing I'm not the only one in that position.
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    Quote from Nemes »

    please remove SharedMedia from X-Embeds in the TOC. Keep it in the OptionalDeps section in the TOC

    Looks like that's just a small oversight in the toc as the embeds.xml lists the right libs. I'll fix the toc in a few hours unless someone else beats me to it.
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    Just a small heads-up. There will be an update later today that will make GotWood? fully WoW 2.4 compatible and use the old codepath when logging on 2.3 servers.

    Along with the update comes support for individual totem removal by rightclicking on the buttons (works in button-view only so far) and much more accurate detection of premature totem death.

    It gets totem durations from the new Blizzard API and it should take talents into account, but I haven't tested that yet myself.
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    This PitBull module adds totem timers to the player frame. It bases on the new totem API introduced in Patch 2.4 and as such will not load in earlier builds of WoW.
    If you're a PitBull user, got a Shaman and play on the 2.4 PTR sometimes give this plugin a spin.

    - Accurate tracking of your own totems. (This includes totems being killed prematurely and special totems like the Enamored Water Spirit trinket)
    - Does not get confused in multi-shaman groups and battles.
    - Configurable timer display, horizontally and vertically. (Text Timer and/or Spiral-style supported.)
    - Allows removal of individual totems by rightclicking on the respective totem icon.
    - Changing totem order possible.
    - Expiration warning by an optional pulsing animation.

    Known Issues:
    - Some options ignored. ("Size" ignored -> use "Totem Size" instead)
    - Spiral Timer is layered above the Text Timer.
    - OmniCC makes the spiral timer a bit huge. (OmniCC will optionally be suppressable on the spiral in the most recent omnicc version, thanks Tuller!)

    HowTo configure it?
    1. Make sure your run wow 2.4 or later AND you are on a shaman. It will not run in earlier versions at all! (It heavily relies on the new totem api for its accuracy.)
    2. Open the PitBull configuration: /pbtt

    Reporting Bugs:
    Please report any bugs and errors that are not yet mentioned in the "Known Issues" section above. Please use JIRA to report issues:
    1. Go here (You might need to make a free jira-wowace account first.)
    2. Create a new ticket, as project choose "PitBull", then on the following page chose the "TotemTimers" component.
    Feature requests are best made over jira aswell.

    Download the main PitBull package from wowace. It's now integrated into stock PitBull and will be kept up to date in there.

    Remember, this will NOT load in clients older than WoW 2.4, and it will not load unless you're a shaman.
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    [2008/02/17 10:47:48-1860-x1]: Recount-$Revision: 61669 $\WindowOrder.lua:19: Recount_GraphWindow_LineGraph:SetFrameLevel(): Passed negative frame level: -5
    Recount-$Revision: 61669 $\WindowOrder.lua:19: in function `SetLevel'
    Recount-$Revision: 61669 $\WindowOrder.lua:13: in function <Interface\AddOns\Recount\WindowOrder.lua:9>
    Recount-$Revision: 61669 $\WindowOrder.lua:21: in function `SetLevel'
    Recount-$Revision: 61669 $\WindowOrder.lua:44: in function `SetWindowTop'
    Recount-$Revision: 61669 $\GUI_Main.lua:305: in function <Interface\AddOns\Recount\GUI_Main.lua:299>


    Happened when clicking on the "Damage done" text to bring up the dropdown to select other statistics. The dropdown did come tho.
    Happened with the version from branch at the time of writing this.
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    posted a message on [Grid] Range Problem
    Was having the same problem (blindness) but found the option myself. But for some weird reason it does not want to save what I set it to. I have to manually set it away from 28 to 40 every time I log my shaman.
    I've gone into the Grid saved variables now and manually set t_range from 28 to 40, wondering if that'll help.
    I only have one profile (default), so I'm thinking it might reset if I ever log onto a bankalts.
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    posted a message on InfiniBar - Official Thread
    Oh, finally an actionbar with discord-like freedom. Awesome!

    A feature request that no other bar addon seems to have included yet:
    - Allow the user to enter macrotext himself, not just reference to the (limited amount) macros from the main game /macro interface.

    I suggest implementing that as a new actiontype called "macrotext" giving a multiline editfield to store an individual macro for each button. No other actionbar has done this before from what I could see, the only other addon that I saw providing this is Clique. The secure system has the mechanics for this ready.
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    Quote from Toadkiller »

    So the question is: why exactly do you need to know which things are "scrolls" or "potions" as opposed to items that buff me in some way?

    Because the sets are not only used by the user of an item as Autobar-thinking is assuming. As a more basic example my bags of my AH/bank char don't care for effects as much as they care for item type, value and so on. If I want some quick money by selling some bank stock then sets by effect don't allow me to pinpoint the more valuable types of items.
    Potions grouped together is especially interesting to have after grind-crafting for discoveries. Collecting together pots from various byeffect sets seems also like much of a pain.
    I'm sure there would be many more concrete examples that one could come up with.

    I see the reasoning to keep the required maintenance low and (before LoD was introduced) the additional memory cost, just want to prevent this extremely useful set library of becoming a bit too restricted on just one "view of things".
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    Quote from anea »
    I'm currently working on support for WIM and Cellular, so keep posted!

    Yay, whisper spammers getting more aggressive each day. Can't wait for WIM support.
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    Quote from Toadkiller »

    This makes Consumable.Potion.* & Consumable.Scroll.* etc. obsolete.

    Does that mean there will not be any PTSet that just lists all Potions or Scrolls anymore? I'd have to make nasty workarounds with either text matches or hand made lists of itemids then for my own Baggins config. :/
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