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    I can confirm this error, specifically the same one as bigstar above.
    I deleted and re-installed Fubar_LocationFu with WAU, asI noticed that there was an update. Still didn't work. I checked to see that there was indeed a LibBabble-Spell-3.0 folder in the Lib Folder of LocationFu, it was there.
    I then installed the full babbleLib2.2 Library separately from WAU for good measure, btu I still get the error.

    Not sure if this is related, but I've been trying out a bunch of new things with my UI. Specifically and recently: eePanels, PitBull, SharedMedia, Xart, Quartz
    There's nothing there that seems like it would mess with the BabbleLibs, but of course I'm freaked out that I may have messed it up myself, just wanted to throw that out there...
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