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    I, much like alot of other users, was an abuser of WAU and had switched to almost exclusively ACE mods because I loved the program and how easy it was to update, add new mods etc.

    I, much like most of WAU users are now orphaned because we can not use the WAU service anymore. I would like to say a very BIG thank you to all of the developers here for providing WAU and supporting their mods.

    I, unlike most abusers of WAU actually am a developer/computer guru but I have not developed for WoW, i play in my downtime ;-). However I was wondering how tied wowace is too curse now. I do not like their client and the setup of their site and would like to see a similar form of WAU ressurected. (With some much needed changes to pay for the bandwidth the userbase demands)

    I'm wondering how much developer support I would have in building an addon site that caters to ACE based addons, including an updater similar to WAU. Currently its a pipedream idea, I dont know if wowace can do it depending on their agreement with curse... The developer support I'm looking for is release updates thats all. I have the resources to build the software, site, and connections to host it.

    Note: this is not a post to ressurect WAU as it was, and I am looking for active DEVELOPER responses not WAU abusers like myself ;-).

    Please feel free to comment and suggest, like I said pipedream at the moment but definitely something within my ability to create.
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