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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    Feature Request:

    Bar toggle to hide/show in combat, default to show all the time, integrated within the fadeout option. Integration would allow you to mouse over when out of combat to see the bars. During combat the ones marked appropriately would all become visible without mousing over.

    I think this is the only option that I found lacking in BT3
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    Suggestion for AGUF:

    One thing I miss from my days of bloated discord customization is the ability to hide frames while out of combat. I think that is the only feature AGUF is lacking that I would really like to see implemented. A simple toggleable feature to hide the player frame while out of combat to keep the UI even cleaner when you're just wandering around town and not really in any danger.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work,

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