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    posted a message on Cartographer Quests
    I don't know if it's just me. But I'm running r34079 of everything. And since installing FuBar_QuestsFu, Cartographer_Quests is no longer getting any new quest giver details.

    Anyone else noticed this?
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    posted a message on ItemBonusLib, an Ace2 version of BonusScanner
    Ok, well, I didn't express myself well enough then.
    Blizzard have implemented new API functions, GetCombatRating() and GetCombatRatingBonus().
    GetCombatRating, with appropriate variable, will return the total "rating" as applicable, ie total Hit Rating.
    GetCombatRatingBonus returns the actual percentage bonus inferred by the rating.

    These are only really usable on the player, but they give accurate numbers.
    I've added support for them, ItemBonusLib (my version) now can show all the rating numbers, as well as exact percentages.
    It also turns out that resilience is a 3-way thing. There's resilience against melee, resilience against spells and resilience against ranged.
    This doesn't replace the existing code, only augments it. The new functions only work on equipped gear on the player, so item links or inspects have to be done the old way still.

    Anyway, http://www.strudel-hound.com/ItemBonusLib-1.0.lua is the new code, complete, or http://www.strudel-hound.com/ItemBonusLib.diff is just the diff.
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    posted a message on ItemBonusLib, an Ace2 version of BonusScanner
    Well, this topic may have died.

    I've got an updated lua, which uses GetCombatRating() and GetCombatRatingBonus() to pull total "ratings" as well as appropriate percentages.

    You still around Jerry?
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    Just a quick fix, I like the 1000=1k thing that the frames do, but I saw it didn't do 1000000=1M, so I just implemented that myself. It's only for HP atm, but could easily be added to MP as well.
    enigma@enigmas /mnt/stuff/World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/ag_UnitFrames $ diff ag_UnitFrames.lua.old ag_UnitFrames.lua
    <    if currValue > 9999 then
    <        currValue = string.format("%.1fk", currValue / 1000)
    <    end
    <    if maxValue > 9999 then
    >    if maxValue > 999999 then
    >        maxValue = string.format("%.1fM", maxValue / 1000000)
    >    elseif maxValue > 9999 then
    >    if currValue > 999999 then
    >        currValue = string.format("%.1fM", currValue / 1000000)
    >    elseif currValue > 9999 then
    >        currValue = string.format("%.1fk", currValue / 1000)
    >    end
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    I'll confirm. I've used r12064 and r11972. When using either of these, if I have more than 4 channels, then I get the above error when mousing over the Channels option. The issue resolves if I disable Squishy completely (not /squishy standby, disable from addons menu), or if I downgrade to r11173. Again, I'll state, disabling Squishy _or_ downgrading does resolve this problem. I don't see how it could be directly related to Squishy, no. But it apparently is.

    Anyone able to access the Channels submenu, while being in more than 5 channels, with the latest Squishy?
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