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    Hi, wanted to thank you Anadale for this nice HuD. I too finally decided to part with my old DHUD in favor of your addon.

    I would have 2 feature requests:

    1: When setting Alpha I came upon the following; basically I want the HuD invisible when i'm not targeting anyone and not regening. Unfortunately the have pet Alpha gets in the way of that. If I set it to 0 I see no HuD during regen with my pet out. Non-Zero values of course mean the HuD doesn't disappear at all. Is it possible to make the Pet Out alpha the least important, so that setting it to 0 doesnt affect the other Alphas at all.

    2: Straight is tight but my brain works in circles it seems. Any chance to curve the bars? Reading about your troubles skinning I am guessing that is a no no.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again for a nifty addon.

    Edit: A third idea for the far distant future -> Layout export/import. Shareable HUD layouts would be awesome
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