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    posted a message on SexyMap - A tiny bundle of minimap awesomeification
    Button configuration now fixed with profiles. Would be fine to get positioning of the minimap work with profiles. ;-)

    Thanks a lot for pushing this profile update. ;-) Very fine.
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    posted a message on SexyMap - A tiny bundle of minimap awesomeification
    My profiles don't work (with the german client). I have to do button and placing configuration for each char. Perhaps the skin of the map is the problem? I have this runes skin.
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    posted a message on SexyMap - A tiny bundle of minimap awesomeification
    Then pls try to use profiles. ;-) You will see that it is not working. ^^

    Does anyone know a good replacement for SexyMap? Don't get me wrong, this is not a hail to other addons or some bad word about this one, it is just an informative question. I just don't know other addons and perhaps it would be fine to test some.
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    posted a message on SexyMap - A tiny bundle of minimap awesomeification
    Hey guys,

    I just noticed a new update for sexy map and so I'll trie to get the author looking at the profiles of sexy map. They are just not working. ;-) I have several chars an each wanna have the same minimap, but if i trie to load a profile the only thing i get is the minimap's lightness growing up...

    I must set new options for each char...so the profiles are not working. It would be really great to get this to work, because the button configuration is just killing time for each char...

    Greeting from Germany
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    OK. :-(

    I've found ActionBarSaver to set profiles on my IconBarSets, so i can manually load. It does its job for the moment. ;-)

    Perhaps another question: Is it possible to disable the changing of the iconset?
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    Hi guys,

    first of all: I havent read all the 204 pages of this thread so if there was a similar post befor I'm sorry for double posting this problem.

    Is there any possibility to set up each bar to swich when changing dual spec or not?

    I'm hunter, MM and BM. I wanna change bar 1, 3 and 6 when i change my specs, but not the other bars. Is it possible right now? Is it possible by blizz? Is there any addon out there does this?

    Greetings from germany,

    Edith reminded me, that i mean the iconset, and not the barsettings.
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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    I started a new ticket with this problematic, 'cause there's no fix since now.
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    posted a message on BigWigs_Naxxramas

    i have a german wow client and still have problems with the KelTuzad module in both 10 and 25 raid groups.

    First of all i have to start in manually. Don't know if it should be startet just by engage him.

    The second problem is that there is no range frame in the second phase.

    Do you have any ideas, why this don't work or is it just not implemented yet?

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    posted a message on ZOMGBuffs Official Thread
    Would be great if you can add the new Hunter "Aspect of Dragonhawk" ;-) I always have to turn off Autocast while playing my hunter.

    Thanks a lot
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    posted a message on CraftList2 - Official Thread

    just wanna ask if its possible to do a local test just without opening the mene, because the commands dont tell me such a thing?

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    posted a message on Prat 3.0 Chat Mod Framework
    Hello guys,

    thanks for getting prat working with the german version of WoW.

    Just downloaded the latest version of Prat (Beta7).

    All i've tested worked fine for me but just one little thing about the timestamps. Timestamps work at all, but if you enable the mod there are two timestamps in front of joining an leaving messages of channels. You know why?


    Edit: I get this problem not only when someone joins or leaves a channel, there are also two timestamps in front of shouting messages from npcs and something like that.

    Edit2: After deleting the wtfs of older Prat3 Versions, all worked fine. ;-) So there is no problem with the timestamps at all.
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    posted a message on Talented, a Talent template editor !
    German client, tried all versions since 1.3 Release, always geth the following error when trying to get into the talent frame (also tried to start just with talented and actual talented data as only addons, not work)

    Date: 2008-10-16 21:04:03
    ID: 140
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Talented\viewmode.lua line 145:
    bad argument #2 to 'SetFormattedText' (string expected, got nil)
    [C]: ?
    [C]: SetFormattedText()
    Talented\viewmode.lua:145: UpdateView()
    Talented\core.lua:129: SetMode()
    Talented\core.lua:300: SetTemplate()
    Talented\core.lua:348: Update()
    (tail call): ?
    [string "TOGGLETALENTS"]:1:
    [string "TOGGLETALENTS"]:1
    Swatter, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AdvancedTradeSkillWindow, v
    agExtras, v09-19-07
    agUnitFrames, v2008-08-06
    Atlas, v1.12.2
    AtlasBattlegrounds, v1.12.2
    AtlasDungeonLocs, v1.12.2
    AtlasFlightPaths, v1.12.2
    AtlasOutdoorRaids, v1.12.2
    AtlasLoot, v5.00.02
    AtlasQuest, v4.2.0
    AucAdvanced, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AucFilterBasic, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AucFilterOutlier, v5.1.3613.2531
    AucMatchUndercut, v5.1.3613.2531
    AucStatClassic, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AucStatHistogram, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AucStatPurchased, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AucStatSales, v5.1.3613.2842
    AucStatSimple, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AucStatStdDev, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    AucStatWOWEcon, v5.1.3613.2530
    AucUtilAHWindowControl, v5.1.3613.3311
    AucUtilAppraiser, v5.1.3613.2530
    AucUtilAskPrice, v5.1.3613.3175
    AucUtilAutoMagic, v5.1.3613.3142
    AucUtilCompactUI, v5.1.3613.2530
    AucUtilEasyBuyout, v5.1.3613.3583
    AucUtilItemSuggest, v5.1.3613.3108
    AucUtilPriceLevel, v5.1.3613.2545
    AucUtilScanButton, v5.1.3613.2530
    AucUtilScanFinish, v5.1.3613.2530
    AucUtilScanProgress, v5.1.3613.2530
    AucUtilSearchUI, v5.1.3613.3483
    AucUtilVendMarkup, v5.1.3613.2530
    Babylonian, v5.1.DEV.130
    BabyWigs, v0.1
    BankItems, v30001
    BankItemsFu, v1.3
    BanzaiAlert, v2.0
    Bartender4, v4.1.2
    BeanCounter, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    Bejeweled, v1.02
    BigWigs, v2.0
    BigWigsDebugger, v1.0
    BigWigsPizzaBar, v1.0
    BigWigsPlugins, v2.0
    BigWigsTabletBars, v1
    BLASCProfiler, v2.8.4
    BLASCrafter, v0.5.0
    BulkMail2, v2.3.1
    BulkMail2Inbox, v2.3
    Capping, v3.0.002
    Cartographer, v2.0
    CartographerBattlegrounds, v2.0
    CartographerCoordinates, v2.0
    CartographerFoglight, v2.0
    CartographerGroupColors, v2.0
    CartographerGuildPositions, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceLoot, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceMaps, v2.0
    CartographerInstanceNotes, v2.0
    CartographerLookNFeel, v2.0
    CartographerNotes, v2.0
    CartographerPOI, v2.0
    CartographerProfessions, v2.0
    CartographerQuestObjectives, v0.9b
    CartographerQuests, v0.2
    CartographerWaypoints, v2.0
    CartographerZoneInfo, v2.0
    ClearFont2, v2.5
    ClearFont2FontPack, v1.0
    Configator, v5.1.DEV.130
    CTBuffMod, v3.0 (CTMod 3.0)
    CTCore, v3.0 (CTMod 3.0)
    DebugLib, v5.1.DEV.130
    DoubleWide, v
    EnchantrixBarker, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    EnhTooltip, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    EQCompare, v1.4
    FlightMap, v
    FuBar, v
    FuBarAmmoFu, v2.0
    FuBarBagFu, vv1.1
    FuBarClockFu, v3.0
    FuBarDPS, v2.0.$Rev: 74969 $
    FuBarDurabilityFu, v2.0
    FuBarFactionsFu, v2.2.1-78
    FuBarFriendsFu, v2.4.1-91
    FuBarFuXPFu, v3
    FuBarGroupFu, v1
    FuBarGuildFu, v2.4.1-98
    FuBarHonorFu, v2.0
    FuBarItemBonusesFu, v2.1
    FuBarLocationFu, v3.0
    FuBarMailFu, v2.0
    FuBarMoneyFu, vv1.2
    FuBarPerformanceFu, v2.0
    FuBarPetInFu, v2.0
    FuBarQuestsFu, v2.0
    FuBarReagentFu, v2.0.10
    Gatherer, v3.1.4
    GathererHUD, v3.1.4
    HealBot, v
    IceHUD, v1.3.3 (Revision: 259)
    Informant, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    LittleWigs, v
    MobMap, v301
    MovableBags, v
    Omen, v3.0
    OmniCC, v2.2.3
    oRA2, v2.0.$Revision: 612 $
    Prat30, v3.0 (Beta Version)
    Prat30HighCPUUsageModules, v
    Prat30Libraries, v
    Quartz, v1.0
    QuartzBuff, v1.0
    QuartzFlight, v1.0
    QuartzFocus, v1.0
    QuartzGCD, v1.0
    QuartzInterrupt, v1.0
    QuartzLatency, v1.0
    QuartzMirror, v1.0
    QuartzPet, v1.0
    QuartzPlayer, v1.0
    QuartzRange, v1.0
    QuartzSwing, v1.0
    QuartzTarget, v1.0
    QuartzTimer, v1.0
    QuartzTradeskill, v1.0
    RatingBuster, v
    Recount, v
    sct, v6.2
    sctd, v3.1
    simpleMinimap, v20100-6
    Stubby, v5.1.3613 (SnaggleTooth)
    Talented, v1.9
    TalentedData, v1.0
    Threat20, v
    XLoot, v0.9
    ZOMGBuffs, v$Revision: 20 $
    ZOMGBuffsBuffTehRaid, v$Revision: 20 $
    ZOMGBuffsLog, v$Revision: 20 $
    ZOMGBuffsSelfBuffs, v$Revision: 20 $
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    posted a message on BankItems
    I've tested the change of the lua as you told me but i still have one problem.

    It works only for normal Banks, not Guildbanks. Is there any way to get this work for guild banks too?

    Edit: OK. Ive found another two lines called as they are in your post, but in other lines. Ive also changed them as you told me. Now it works just fine for both normal banks and guild banks. ;-)
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    posted a message on BankItems
    Thanks a lot Xinhuan. ;-) Ill test this^^
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    posted a message on BankItems
    Good morning from Germany,

    i have a special question to the "export items" feature of BankItems.
    I use this tool to copy&paste our Raidbank into our forum, which uses [wowitem][/wowitem] tag to link items with database of "thottbot" i think.
    So my question: Is it possible for me in any way, that the export tool automaticaly adds this tags to the text with the items?

    Example (sorry, german text here but it would be the same problem in english):

    1 Fl?schchen des unerbittlichen Angriffs
    15 Erstklassiger Heiltrank
    3 Fl?schchen der St?rkung
    4 Fl?schchen des reinen Todes
    1 Fl?schchen des blendenden Lichts
    4 Rechtschaffene Waffenbeschichtung
    4 Fl?schchen der destillierten Weisheit

    Change in:

    1 [wowitem]Fl?schchen des unerbittlichen Angriffs[/wowitem]
    15 [wowitem]Erstklassiger Heiltrank[/wowitem]
    3 [wowitem]Fl?schchen der St?rkung[/wowitem]
    4 [wowitem]Fl?schchen des reinen Todes[/wowitem]
    1 [wowitem]Fl?schchen des blendenden Lichts[/wowitem]
    4 [wowitem]Rechtschaffene Waffenbeschichtung[/wowitem]
    4 [wowitem]Fl?schchen der destillierten Weisheit[/wowitem]

    The board Version is the same as here, SMF Board 1.1.5

    Hope you can help me. :-) I really dont understand how to code^^

    If this is not possible, is there an addon for wow (or perhaps forum) which does this?

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