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    Hey, all. I'm attempting to do an initial checkout of FuBar_OutfitterFu, and I'm having a problem with its externals. It looks like somehow, when checking out externals, the client is referencing the dev.wowace.com instead of svn.wowace.com. I'm not sure how, since my SVN URL for this addon begins with svn.wowace.com. I'm not overly familiar with SVN (still an SCCS/RCS guy stuck in the 90's - blush) but I did a text-search of all files that were successfully checked out, and "dev" does not appear in any of them. I'm not sure what other diagnostics to perform.

    Particulars of my SVN client setup and this addon's checkout are:
    Client:   TortoiseSVN 1.4.0, Build 7721 - 32 Bit -dev, 2006/10/06 19:15:45
    SVN URL:   [url]http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/FuBar_OutfitterFu/[/url]
    Access Type: Initial checkout, HEAD revision, externals included
           New checkout directory (previously unpopulated)

    When I start the checkout, the addon itself appears to be retrieved. But when it hits the first external (AceAddon-2.0), An authentication popup appears, asking me for the username / password of the dev.wowace.com repo - as in the following:

    <[url]http://dev.wowace.com:80>[/url] Subversion repository
         Requests a username and a password
    Username:  ______________________
    Password:  ______________________

    When I abort the authentication, the checkout abends. The log dialogue is as follows:
    Added: M:\World of Warcraft\Checkouts\ACE\FuBar_OutfitterFu\OutfitterFu.lua 
    Added: M:\World of Warcraft\Checkouts\ACE\FuBar_OutfitterFu\FuBar_OutfitterFu.toc 
    Added: M:\World of Warcraft\Checkouts\ACE\FuBar_OutfitterFu\lib 
    Added: M:\World of Warcraft\Checkouts\ACE\FuBar_OutfitterFu\OutfitterFuLocale-enUS.lua 
    Added: M:\World of Warcraft\Checkouts\ACE\FuBar_OutfitterFu\README.txt 
    External: M:\World of Warcraft\Checkouts\ACE\FuBar_OutfitterFu\lib\AceAddon-2.0 
    Error: PROPFIND request failed on '/wowace/trunk/Ace2/AceAddon-2.0' 
    Error: PROPFIND of '/wowace/trunk/Ace2/AceAddon-2.0': authorization failed ([url]http://dev.wowace.com[/url])

    I'm not sure if this is an SVN repo config problem, a problem with how the externals were referenced within the addon (doubtful?) (or perhaps the embedded library (I can't tell, can't see it), or a problem with my SVN client's behaviour. I DO know that it isn't reproducible with a random attempt at another addon which references AceAddon-2.0. E.g. FuBar_AnkhTimerFu successfully completes an initial checkout.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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