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    Quote from uaxli »

    aerm updated after 2 weeks of not playing, logged... c2c is active, but NOT on fubar, NOT in ace3 menu (but ace list shows it as active), and NOT working.

    maybe any slash commands?

    Im having the same issue.
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    I have several addons I run all the time. Is there an addon out there that could disable the ones I chose when I join a raid? I'd rather them not use up my memory, so i can get the best fps possible while in raid.
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    Quote from Pastamancer »

    I don't think we need to keep debating the usefulness (or lack thereof) of mana bars in this thread.

    I do like the mana bars plug-in, but have stopped using it.

    Will the low mana indicator still work without this running?
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    be nice to have an addon that pointed to the location of a corpse once u targeted it
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    posted a message on [Grid] Relogging in-combat bug
    This happens to me too, i use ora2 + 25 compact... no dynamic layouts... but have seen this problem several times
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    posted a message on 2.4 Grid
    Ever since 2.4, i have had issues with lag spikes, and what seems like excessive processing when i come out of combat.
    In hyjal, if i disconnect, i can expect to not be able to log back in unless i disable grid.. but then i have no raid frames.

    Lets just say, im going along.. everything is great while in combat, we come out, screen freezes.. i d/c eventually... usually when this happens i need about 30 seconds of frozen screen time before everything starts working again (after i log back in). In hyjal we are nearly constantly in combat, and i don't ever catch that window coming back in. so im worthless untill the boss is down.

    Suggestions on my issues anyone?

    Someone getting something similar?

    I have a 2.4 dual core intel, with 4gb ram, and a 8800GT video card... so i dont think its a hardware issue... this was NEVER a problem untill 2.4

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