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    Thanks for that! :)

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    Did it from a clean reinstall.

    I'd enter Config mode, disable ToTHealth and ToTName. Exit Config mode.

    And at times I'd get a blue background stay on screen, the same background which is activated behind texts in config mode.

    Another one is simply, going in and activating the 'interactive' option on bars, and then after logging out and logging in, the actual bars would not be interactive anymore, despite the option still ticked.

    I've tried both activating config mode before doing these changes as well as just doing it without it.

    I've attached images to show what I'm experiencing.

    This one is with the config on to show you which elements i've turned off. (or tried to)
    And this one is the resultant.

    Its pretty minor as things still work I just have to keep re-applying the change, which gets annoying :)

    Interface\AddOns\UnderHood\Modules\Texts\Textframe.lua:97: Double registration detected in 'RegisterUpdateTarget'.

    Deleting the ToTHealth:

    Textframe.lua:119: attempt to index field 'frame' (a nil value)

    Also got these two errors when I deleted ToTHealth completely.
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    Hey first off, great addon, like many others, I don't think I'd ever replace my previous HUD but this is definitely my new fave.


    It doesn't seem to 'remember' settings, or does it very sporadically, I have changed the layout quite a bit, but if I log off or even click out of config mode, the blue background behind the text in config mode sometimes appears, or the interactive option on player's/target's health bars needs to be clicked on and off for it to work, even after a reload.

    They're minor but annoying things, and would be great if you could fix them!
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