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    posted a message on Class Buttons
    Wow, I can not think why I didnt just try that. I am normaly better with Add-ons than this seriously. =)
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    posted a message on Class Buttons
    Just downloaded Class Buttons and upgrade from Curse Buttons. I love the idea of this add-on but i cant seem to bring up the interface options or how to move the row that is in the middle of my screen. Anyone know how to work with this add-on. I have searched and cant find a forum about it or a thread anywhere. Thanks much.
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    posted a message on OneBank Not Opening Correctly
    I read threw this thread as well as i can but alot of the technical jargon went over my head. Here is the error I get when I open my bank. I have Onebank enabled. But it doesnt appear to be doing anything. Here is the error message. Any Help would be great. I would hate to have to change away from one bank after I got it all set up the way I like.

    Date: 2007-12-16 11:31:32
    ID: 62
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ...Ons\ArcHUD2\Libs\AceModuleCore\AceModuleCore-2.0.lua line 196:
    AceOO-2.0: LibRockConfig-1.0 is not an appropriate mixin
    [C]: ?
    [C]: error()
    ...face\AddOns\AllPlayed\libs\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:133: error()
    ...erface\AddOns\AllPlayed\libs\AceOO-2.0\AceOO-2.0.lua:920: Classpool()
    ...Ons\ArcHUD2\Libs\AceModuleCore\AceModuleCore-2.0.lua:196: NewModule()
    OneBank\OneBank.lua:2: in main chunk
    [C]: LoadAddOn()
    (tail call): ?
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1:
    [string "*:OnEvent"]:1
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    posted a message on Cartographer Basics
    When I do that, i get the Cartographer set up. But it is just prifile and give donation on the two lines is all I have.

    I installed them via WoWAce Updater, just FYI
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    posted a message on Cartographer Basics
    I am really confused. I just Downloaded Cartographer along with a bunch of the other moduals for it. Thing is I cant seem to make it anything more than a normal map. I checked the add on page for them and there isnt anything I understand or anything of use from what i can tell on how to use the moduals. Is there a spot where the basic instructions are layed out and what not? or can someone help. Thanks so much.
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