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    Quote from Belldandy »

    I know this is from an old post from an older version of Pitbull, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to make the health and power bars look like this, or any other "texture" than the default. I've gotten my Player frame to look very much like this otherwise, thanks for your time. :) Sorry if this is too stupid a question.

    Edit: I am sorry, I finally found it. :)
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    The updates sadly haven't fixed it for me, still not showing my trash items on the dropdown or the bin on the vendor windows. Thanks for working on it so fat tho, great program. :)
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    I just downloaded the new version from the SVN labeled 5/21, and my garbage items no longer show up in the drop down ui to sell them off. I don't get any sort off error message, just not item list. If a setting changed I need to fix, my apologies.
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