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    Hi, first I have to thank you for great addon fulfilling my information collectivness obsession ;)

    I have one bug to report:
    I bought a Epic item from AH and the item count for epics have risen to 1. I've tried to resell it, but no-one bought the item and it returned to me in Aouction expired email. Historian now counted the item second time and reported I've already had 2 Epic items. I suspect this problem occurs for all item qualities.

    Would it be possible to not count items coming from Auction expired/Auction canceled emails?
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    Quote from HunterZ »

    I also miss this feature from the Cartographer professions modules.

    You mean the feature to enable/disable node display based on your professions and/or tracking? This is already supported in GatherMate. Use /gathermate chat command to open config window and in the Show Databases section there is all settings you need ;)
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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    Quote from Nandini »

    For your consideration: Border-Tooltip

    I'm pleased enough with this one that I would have added it myself, but I'm still trying to find my svn password.

    Wow, what a great idea! It's just simple and beautiful and I'm going to move from squeenix-style border to this one.

    Thank you, Nandini! I hope you find your password soon ;)
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    Quote from thegriffgeeks »

    I use minimap button frame (MBF). I logged in with it enabled. Wandered around the nodes were on, and stayed on, the minimap as they should be. I disabled MBF, there was no change. Including no gathermate minimap button (for some reason I thought there should be one). I have renabled MBF to see if I can get the node from the minimap to the screen. And there they were. I now see nodes that should be on the minimap on the screen. There has got to be a way for these two mods to play nice together. And I must note that I do not know what triggers this problem.

    A while ago I posted a patch for MBB (Minimap Button Bag) and now I post patch for MBF (Minimap Button Frame) as well ;)

    On line 55 in MinimapButtonFrame.lua (MBF version 1.7) change this:
    local MinimapIcons = { "Note", "JQuest", "Naut_", "RecipeRadarMinimapIcon", "FishingBuddyMinimapMenu" };

    to this:
    local MinimapIcons = { "Note", "JQuest", "Naut_", "RecipeRadarMinimapIcon", "FishingBuddyMinimapMenu", "GatherMatePin" };

    This will tell MBF to ignore GatherMate pins and leave them on the minimap...
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    posted a message on hosting -> thataway
    Quote from Pastamancer »

    The xml file compresses nicely and WAU/your browser should be negotiating gzip encoding to get it compressed over-the-wire.

    I remember times when it downloaded about 300kb of gziped XML, but it doesn't work anymore (at least for me :()

    Quote from Pastamancer »

    I could bump up the minimum interface version though.

    As posted in another thread there are functioning addons with old Interface 20100. EnhancedColourPicker is one of them. There is no reason to block it from WAU.

    Proper solution would be to update Interface number in TOC for all such addons, but it will be daunting task and without the addon author or source code analysis we can miss some problem that can occur in newer WoW versions.
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    posted a message on TradeskillInfo Official Thread
    Quote from HunterZ »

    What the heck is WowEcon?

    WowEcon is WoW addon that grabs auction information, uploads it to the central server and then download auction information back to client for price information...
    * http://www.wowwiki.com/Wowecon.com
    * http://www.wowecon.com/

    You definitelly don't want to use it just to make the patch work - on my system it uses 50MB of addon memory!!! I wrote about wowecon because enabling the addon fixed the problem of not calling the TradeskillInfo:AuctionFrameBrowse_Update(). I suspect there is some function hooking problem but I cannot find where. There may be some idea how to fix it in wowecon sources, but I haven't find it yet.

    The hooking code in TradeskillInfo is:

    Even after change to:
    hooksecurefunc("AuctionFrameBrowse_Update", TradeskillInfo.AuctionFrameBrowse_Update)

    it doesn't work... :(
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    posted a message on TradeskillInfo Official Thread
    I've been trying to get the Auc-Advanced support up and running but I've run into problems :( I only works when Auc-Advanced and WoWEcon is enabled at the same time, but without the WoWEcon the TradeskillInfo:AuctionFrameBrowse_Update() is never called and I cannot find out why.

    The code for TradeskillInfo:AuctionFrameBrowse_Update():
      if button:IsVisible() then
       local iconTexture
       local recipeLink
       if button.Icon then -- cached or from Auc-Advanced Compact-UI
        iconTexture = button.Icon
        button.Icon = getglobal("BrowseButton"..i.."ItemIconTexture"); -- cache the icon texture
        iconTexture = button.Icon
       if button.id then   -- contains real index when sorted in Compact-UI level
        index = button.id
       local recipeLink = GetAuctionItemLink("list", index)
       local recipeId = getIdFromLink(recipeLink);
       local id = self:GetRecipeItem(recipeId);
       if id then
        local you,alt = self:GetCombineAvailability(id);
        -- self:Print("recipe: %s you %d alt %d - %d %s",id,you,alt, recipeId, recipeLink);
        -- 0 = Unavailable, 1 = known, 2 = learnable, 3 = will be able to learn
        if you == 2 then
         local c = self.db.profile.AHColorLearnable;
         iconTexture:SetVertexColor(c.r, c.g, c.b);
        elseif alt == 2 then
         local c = self.db.profile.AHColorAltLearnable;
         iconTexture:SetVertexColor(c.r, c.g, c.b);
        elseif you == 3 then
         local c = self.db.profile.AHColorWillLearn;
         iconTexture:SetVertexColor(c.r, c.g, c.b);
        elseif alt == 3 then
         local c = self.db.profile.AHColorAltWillLearn;
         iconTexture:SetVertexColor(c.r, c.g, c.b);
         local c = self.db.profile.AHColorUnavailable;
         iconTexture:SetVertexColor(c.r, c.g, c.b);
       else  -- Compact-UI doesn't restore original colors? 
        iconTexture:SetVertexColor(1.0, 1.0, 1.0); 

    The code has these two problems:
    1) Doesn't work with Auc-Advanced Compact-UI without WoWEcon - the function is never called and I cannot find out why. Maybe someone with better knowledge of Lua and WoW addon system can fix this
    2) All non-recipes are uncolored. Items you cannot use should be red-colored.
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    posted a message on hosting -> thataway
    I'm a newcomer here so my opinion doesn't have such value as of wowace elders... I just want to give you my idea of wowace future. Sorry for a long post, but I think it solves almost all the current problems known to me

    After being here and using wowace for about a month I see these problems:
    1) Development is done on a trunk which is also used for end-user distribution - sometimes bugs appear in the middle of development affecting the users
    2) WAU needs to download around 2MB of addon list XMLs on every update. TTL of the list is only 10minutes
    3) There are many outdated addons not maintained anymore
    4) There are many similar addons doing almost the same
    5) Some authors doesn't test their addons before releasing for externals and such

    As a user I'd like to see WAU to continue, because:
    1) It's easy to use
    2) There are many addons to choose from
    3) It just worksTM ;) - other updaters need to be set up before use and many release sites change their layout from time to time breaking the update process

    My idea for future of wowace is not complete SVN purge and WAU lockdown - this would just hurt the community. I see wowace as a business potential. I suggest:
    1) create second addon source (another SVN/ branch/ ...) just for releases. Selected updated addons will be automatically moved here after a while after last commit
    2) move the WAU to use release source which will solve 1) and 5) and probably 2), 3) and 4) because of manual addon selection
    3) WAU will still be able to use current addon source to support developers and their need to update addons to latest version
    4) Development will continue on current SVN

    What will be needed for such change:
    1) almost all supporting technology is already created. Only the "move from trunk to release" tool will have to be written.
    2) Change the files.wowace.com script to create packages based on the release source and not SVN trunk
    3) (optional) Support in WAU to choose between (deafult) release addons and trunk addons

    wowace after the change from user perspective:
    1) Cleaner and faster addon list (because of addon selection)
    2) Addons are more stable because users won't be served addons with stupid bugs (syntax errors, externals problems, ...) which are quickly fixed on trunk before moving to release

    wowace after the change from developer perspective:
    1) Development for Live version of wow is done on trunk as today (these addons are alpha quality)
    2) Development for PTR is done in branches as today (these addons are pre-alpha quality)
    3) After a while of stable addon version (no commit in X hours) the addon is moved from trunk to release for the users (these addons are beta quality)
    4) Addon is released on other release sites by the addon author (these addons are release quality)

    Problems that can occur:
    1) Some addon fixes should be able to bypass the commit timeout and go to release immediately if some major bug is found after the release
    2) Selection of addons can be tricky because it can cause tension between developers when they found their addon is not selected (same problem in addon purging)
    3) Some users may feel that using the trunk versions is better because:
    a) it's more cool to have latest version
    b) addon they use is not selected to go to release
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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    Squeenix has special Reload button in config to solve the black minimap problem. All it does is this call:
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    posted a message on GatherInfo - DropRates and other node info for GatherMate and other addons
    Quote from Bobwich III »

    Looks really nice! Only thing I would have to say is putting in percentages (1% instead of x0.01)

    Quote from Nandini »

    I actually prefer the decimal notation. Some nodes (herbs) commonly yield more than one of the same item. Which would be easier to read at a glance, "Mageroyal x2.5" or "Mageroyal 250%"?

    Hi Bobwich III and Nandini, thanks for your input. The count display will be customizable between both types to satisfy you both ;)

    The default setting will probably be percentage display because it handles big ranges of drop rates better. The Mageroyal have 200% drop rate (according to Thottbot) but Talasite (or any other rare gem) have 0.025% drop rate from Nethercite Deposit. This is difference of 4 decimal places and would appear as x0.00025 when using decimal notation.

    Because I haven't updated this thread in a week there is report of current state of the addon:
    - new feature: average vendor value (using GetSellValue addon API - (ItemPrice-1.1...))
    - new feature: average auction value (using Auctioneer Advanced)
    - added basic quest info for quest ores
    - implemented tracking blip tooltips
    - implemented world object tooltips

    There is still work to do before first release:
    - finish config screen
    - add all the data
    - polish the code and remove/disable all debuging code

    This is my first addon and first project in Lua so I'm learning as I go and it takes longer then I expected :(
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    posted a message on Chinchilla - Minimap addon of awesomeness.
    Hi, thanks for great minimap addon which finally combines almost all features I want from minimap addon ;)

    I have one bug report and vote for a feature :)
    1) There is a conflict with beql quest tracker window. When I have beql quest tracker unlocked I can move it without problem, but moment I release the mouse it returns to the previous location. Using Chinchilla's Tracker mover is very hard because beql quest tracker overlays almost the whole mover and you end up dragging the beql tracker.

    2) I also vote for ability to specify one-color border around the minimap as already requested by ZealotOnAStick (I'm also coming from Squeenix and don't like the heavy Blizzard-style border)
    Quote from ZealotOnAStick »

    ck, would you add options to change the color of the border of the minimap? Ideally, I'd like to be able to get just a very thin untextured black surround, like I can currently easily do with Squeenix.
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    posted a message on Instance Summary
    Quote from darkforce898 »

    Experience Gained
    Reputation Gained
    Time Spent

    Take a look at InstanceTime: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/3699/
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    posted a message on LibMobHealth-4.0
    Quote from Ellipsis »

    Modify your local copy to remove the pruning code.

    I hate modifying local copies of the addons, because I have to update such addons manually every time new version is released :(

    I see a simple solution here. Add another variable to SavedVariables telling if the pruning should be enabled or disabled (and possibly size of the database). We can then modify the SavedVariables file and set it not to prune anything and it will stay through any future updates.
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    posted a message on bEQL
    AFAIK "auto-adding quests in the list" works until it tries to add 21st item in the tracker because the beql tracker supports only 20 quests.

    When it tries auto-add the 21st quest to the tracker an error is thrown.
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    posted a message on GatherInfo - DropRates and other node info for GatherMate and other addons
    Just another post to generate some hype :)

    original Gatherer tooltip
    GatherInfo in GatherMate tooltip

    Looking at the screenshots I'm thinking about adding distance information ;)
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