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    I'm attempting to make dual monitors in WoW look good. I've got one monitor showing the environment, unitframes, and important buttons, with the second display showing the minimap, chat/combag logs, non-important buttons, etc. I've got most everything to my liking, but there's one really really big nagging problem. All the UI things that are normally centered, that do not have an option to change their status, are now stuck cut off between both screens.

    Things like:
    Reinforcement counts in AV
    Raid Warnings
    Default loot rolling
    Blizzard's menus(video, sound, etc)
    Buyout dialogue
    ....You get the idea.

    Is there a mod out there that can fix this? I gave NDragIt a try, but it won't register the ones listed above, and things like them.

    Thanks in advance,

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    It's odd, yes, but I'm trying to figure out whether or not FuBar will allow a profile switch through a slash command. I've been stabbing in the dark at it for a while now and can't seem to get it.

    If anyone's curious, I need it to be included in a macro for mass-swapping of a few profiles of mine. (i.e. from PvE to Arena).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hey, I've been using FB2 for a couple months now, and I really like it. My problem is that recently(read: about 20 minutes ago) decided to create a second profile for use with arena. Without thinking, I went and created a new profile, and forgot to check and see the name of the current profile I had. Is there a place (whether ingame, or exploring my wow directory) that I can salvage this information?

    Please, I'm begging you :D


    Edit: I guess all it took was the post itself. Finally managed to stumble upon the right profile name. >.<
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    posted a message on Lost trying to find a mod. Don't know where to ask.
    Lamesauce. I can't say I'm particularly suprised, but that still sucks.

    When this all first popped into my head, I was first thinking about interaction with oRA2 player targets. After some rummaging of the intarwebs, it seems that, through macros, command-line setting of ptargets isn't possible. With that dead end, I managed to end up here.

    I guess the new direction would be back towards my original idea: If I have oRA player targets set manually, is there a way to bind keys to actions with those targets? To me, a total non-coder aside from some butchered macros, it smells doable. Clique and the like can interact with them via mouseclick, would there be much difference to allow keypresses the same functionality? Is there already a mod that would do this?
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    posted a message on Lost trying to find a mod. Don't know where to ask.
    Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

    I just can't seem to find a mod that can do what I'm looking for. I'm starting to think that this just cannot be done- against the TOS or whatnot.

    What I'm trying to do is have keys bound to set my current target, like a focus, so that I can use other keybindings to cast on them. Unlike a focus macro(or at least one that I can imagine myself writing), however, I'd want to have the option of having four-ish saved targets.

    I'm a drood with a new n52, and I'd love to be able to both set players, and hot them up, with the gamepad. I'm just not that excited about editing ingame macros every time I want to change who the keybindings heal.
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