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    How do I add items to autobar? Or, when will it support the new Major Combat potions?
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    So, is there any way to make the frames update more often? I'll have times in PvP where someone will die, I'll tab to the next person and it's still showing me the dead player's unitframe. Or a few times where someone I'm fighting has gotten healed and the unitframe won't update right away. Portraits are kind of slow to update too, but that's not quite as big of a deal.
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    Quote from Rani_Klasky »

    Since this was posted in the other thread: HP delay in AGUF

    Quote from Mist »

    Quote from Shareel »

    Quote from Miles »

    The delay is the bucketed update, in order to lower CPU usage it introduces an update delay. I've been using a direct update patch since the beginning because of it, because the author doesn't agree with my view: 'screw cpu usage, I want to see what happens asap'.

    Bucketed update for mana/rage/energy is fine, HP is not.

    Can I get this patch?

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think all you need to do is open "ag_UnitClass.lua" in an editor and look for this line:

    self:RegisterBucketEvent("UNIT_HEALTH",0.3, "UpdateHealth")

    Replace this with:


    and you should have the health for all updated as it changes with no delays.

    Regarding target and ToT frames, as far as I know, there's a difference between them, in that WoW doesn't fire events for ToT updates. So ToT has to be done on a schedule, currently it's updated every 0.8 seconds in agUF. You can change that to be faster, espcially if you need it for Patchwerk, look for the following line in "ag_UnitClass.lua" (close to the bottom of file):

    self.schedule = self:ScheduleRepeatingEvent(self.UpdateMetro, 0.8, self)

    and replace 0.8 with the update interval you want.

    I hope this helps. :)

    Does this not work anymore, or is there some new workaround that I missed going through this thread? I still notice some lag on updating frames, especially in PvP, where it really messes me up.
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