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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    2 comments from me:

    1) I tried it with my warrior and i cant add new Buttons.

    2) the "main frame" is always in the Front regardless which Options-Window / Bags or something else would be in front of it!

    EDIT: i know its still no final version only wanted to comment on it :)

    And on my shaman its working flawlessly, Good Job
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    posted a message on AllPlayed 20200-1 has been released
    hey i like your addon but i have a nasty bug:

    I have mainly horde chars and 2 banks chars on ally. When i install it fresh (or delete the .lua in the WTF Folder) it and i only log into my horde chars all works fine. But as soon as i log into one of my ally chars and then back to one of my Horde chars it only shows my both ally toons. On the other hand i see all chars when logged into one of my ally characters :(

    Hope i could explain it well enough.

    Else thanks for the nice mod :)
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    posted a message on AceRaidTracker again
    Would like to replace my ugly ct_raidtracker aswell =/
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