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    posted a message on Incubator - Trash respawn timers
    Quote from Morgalm »

    I assume you mean when you click the fubar icon to output the timers. If so then not currently. (unless you change the number of bars shown to less.) I could change it to only spam the timer that will expire the soonest what does everyone think of that?

    You could make some changes in the IncubatorFuBar.lua to set the toolbar clickable:

    IncubatorFuBar.clickableTooltip = true

    With small changes in the code you can spam oder delete a single counter.

    function IncubatorFuBar:OnTooltipUpdate()
    	if Incubator:IsActive() then
    		if not Incubator.db.profile.futimers or BarCount == 0 then return end
    		local cat = tablet:AddCategory('columns', 2)
    		local Timers = Incubator:SortTimers()
    		local r,g,b
    		local maxbars = Incubator.db.profile.barcount
    		for key, data in pairs(Timers) do
    			if data.time < 600 then r,g,b = 1,0,0
    			elseif data.time < 1200 then r,g,b = 1,1,0
    			else r,g,b = 0,1,0 end
    				'textR', 1,
    				'textG', 1,
    				'textB', 1,
    				'text2', SecondsToTime(data.time),
    				'text2R', r,
    				'text2G', g,
    				'text2B', b,
    				'func', 'TimerClick',
    				'arg1', self,
    				'arg2', key				
    			if key == maxbars then break end
    function IncubatorFuBar:TimerClick(key)
    	local Timers = Incubator:SortTimers()
    	if IsShiftKeyDown() then
    		if UnitInRaid("player") == nil then
    			SendChatMessage(Timers[key].name .. ": " .. SecondsToTime(Timers[key].time), "PARTY")
    			SendChatMessage(Timers[key].name .. ": " .. SecondsToTime(Timers[key].time), "RAID")
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    posted a message on Grid
    I have a problem with grid since pet support.
    Grid can not differentiate between a hunter and his pet having the same name.
    It shows me in both boxes the same stats and toggles permanently.

    Any Ideas?

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