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    I've just uploaded a first beta of Mountaneer.
    This addon aims to provide a simple set of slashcommands (at first) to quickly and efficiently summon a mount. Specifically aimed at people with a large amount of mounts, this makes using them a lot easier.

    Right now it's in beta, badly written, error prone, and ugly. But hopefuly I'll iron out most of that in the near future.

    I'm planning on adding filters at some point, using which you can set what mounts you do and what mounts you do not want to summon. eg /mount filter:nightelf-only would be a custom filter that would whitelist sabers only, and no other mounts. You could also add a different filter which would summon a different mount based on location or time.

    Another thing I'm planning to add is weighted randomized selection. This means that if I have for example:
    1 nightsaber
    1 ram
    I would, right now, have a 50% chance of mounting either of them.
    With weights I could say:
    nightsaber = 150%
    ram = 50%
    Thus I would get a 75% chance of mounting a saber, and a 25% chance of mounting a ram. This way you can set what mounts you would like to see more often, without putting away less-popular mounts indefinitely.

    And of course, a link: http://www.wowace.com/addons/mountaneer/

    Any response, preferably positive, is welcome.
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    Not at this point yet, but it's on my todo list :)
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    lol, I feel pretty stupid now :D
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    I've been trying to have my addon show a nice little icon next to its text on fubar. I'm using FuBarPlugin-3.0, and have the following code:
        self:SetFuBarOption('showIcon', true);
        self:SetFuBarOption('iconPath', [[Interface\AddOns\FuBar_CFu\icon]]);
        self:SetFuBarIcon([[Interface\AddOns\FuBar_CFu\icon]]); -- just in case, though I expect the above two should be enough
    The icon is in: Interface\AddOns\FuBar_CFu\icon(.tga) obviously

    I'm sure the icon itself is correct. I've loaded it using kgpanels, using that exact path, and it loads just fine. It's grossly oversized in the kgpanels preview window, but it works. In FuBar though, it will not show, no matter what I try.

    All advice appreciated.
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    Quote from Lastrite
    The three -'s in front of the lines will make them ignored. Deleting the lines should work just as well :)

    tip: Two dashes ( -- ) already make a comment, with the third just being the first character of your comment ;)
    -- makes for 1 line of comment (the rest of the line)
    --[[ and ]]-- make for everything in between being commented.
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    CAFu is a FuBar plugin with a couple of very simple purposes:
    1. Give users the option to smash a button and see the in-game Calendar without having to view that huge-ass button on the minimap (it's called MINI for a reason; don't you think?)
    2. Give users a simple and quick way to see what events will happen today, simply by hovering over the fubar-icon.

    Of course, I'll be adding more options and stuff later, once I've thought of some. Currently I'm planning to add an actual icon (I know, I'm slow) and change the event-titles to actual smashable links.

    Hints/tips/wanted functionality/etc. more than welcome.
    url: http://www.wowace.com/projects/fu_calendarfu/

    EDIT: This addon used to be called FuBar - CalendarFu, however due to a project with that name already existing (and search not showing it when I first created this) I have been forced to change the name. It is now called FuBar - CAFu.
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